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Networking at Your Library…and Beyond!

A colleague—and friend—once told me that I was the best “natural networker” she had ever met. I was stunned, because the idea of going to a networking social and trying to make small talk throughout the evening and to sell myself sounds completely and utterly miserable.  I’ve never even attended a networking event.  The idea of doing so makes me break out in hives!

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Overwhelmed By: Professional Connections

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Reaching traditionally marginalized or underserved communities is overwhelming. We don’t want to make this work look easy; it truly isn’t. However, we believe library staff at any level can do it with the right tools and support. This year, we’re bridging the gap between tangible resources and getting started. Today, we’ll focus on building professional connections.


How to Avoid Being #ALALeftBehind

In the past, if you were one of those poor, unfortunate souls watching on social media as friends enjoyed an ALA conference in some exotic locale (not counting the times Midwinter was in Boston, Chicago, or Philadelphia), you may have lamented being #ALALeftBehind. As someone who suffers greatly from FOMO, I have felt the sting myself. How many books did I miss out on getting signed in the exhibits? How many conversations while waiting in an obscenely long line for coffee? How many amazing sessions? It can be pretty discouraging! Luckily, the AASL/ALSC/YALSA Interdivisional Committee on School/Public Library Cooperation is working to “create an online networking and resource space for the three Youth Divisions to engage around EDI-related topics” (quote taken from committee charge). So while we can’t send you signed books, and you will have to provide your own caffeinated beverage of choice, we will soon have an online…


ALSC & You: Staying Connected

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I hope you and your loved ones are taking the best care possible during this time. From the beginning of shelter-in-place orders, ALSC committee members, staff and leadership has been thinking of ways ALSC can support those in the profession during this time. We know one thing is certain: remaining connected is a bit difficult, but so much more important now than ever before. How can we continue to network? How can we continue to share ideas? How can we continue to build on our passions in healthy ways during this time? Using ALSC channels and platforms, I want to share just a few ways we can stay connected: Join a We Are ALSC Chat (WAAC): The ALSC Membership Committee hosted a first WAAC at the end of April to connect with others and share some initial thoughts on the impact of this pandemic in an informal setting. ALSC’s School…

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Finding Your People

Starting in a new role can be hard, especially if you’re the only one doing what you do in your building or your system. About two years ago, I switched positions from Youth Services Manager to Collection Development Leader and it’s been a big change. I’m now selecting and managing all our materials (youth and adult), cataloging, and working with vendors in a much more involved way than before. And one big challenge for me has been building my personal learning network (PLN) in this new-to-me area of library service. It has made me really appreciate the youth services PLN that I had built over the years and I want to make sure you have one, too. 

Friends of ALSC

Networking with #FriendsofALSC

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ALSC at Power Up! On March 28, 2019 #FriendsofALSC sponsored a reception in Madison, WI at the Power Up: A Leadership Conference for Youth Services Managers and Staff. The reception was hosted by Andrew Medlar and Dr. Sarah Park Dahlen. Although I could not be there in person, from pictures it seemed to be a nice opportunity for conference attendees to mingle and meet fellow attendees and ALSC members…and who doesn’t love food! You can check out the #PowerUp19 hashtag on Twitter to learn more about the conference! If you were an attendee, I hope you consider submitting a blog post on a session or major takeaways you think other youth library professionals could learn from. Planning… Planning one of these networking events without being able to physically look at the event space gets a little tricky, but it’s a lot of fun to coordinate. Some questions I’ve learned to…