ALA Annual 2018

Fun After Hours! #alaac18

While the sessions, exhibit hall, and committee meetings are invaluable to my experience of ALA Annual… there is a lot to be said for after-hours events and networking moments that happen spur of the moment just by looking up from your phone and connecting to someone for a few moments. Taking a conference bus, talking to people online, or saying hello to the table next to you at Starbucks can be a way to connect to another librarian! It is one of the most underrated and yet amazing experiences that can come from Annual! Lots of librarians seize on this by planning late-night dinners and social events– and one that had been popping up my twitter over the years was Drunk Story Time! To me that combined lots of things that I love– drinking, story time, and connecting to other librarians! And yet– it was so intimidating! @MelissaZD (twitter) or Mel’s…

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Volunteer to Be a Mentor or Mentee

Apply to be an ALSC mentor or mentee

ALSC announced the opening of spring 2017 applications for the ALSC Mentoring Program. The program, which is open to members and non-members, is intended to help strengthen connections in the field and build the confidence of a new cohort of leaders. Applications are now open for both mentors and mentees. The application process ends on Friday, February 24, 2017.

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Networking for Children’s Librarians

I’ve been working on incorporating more singable stories to sing into my storytimes. So where did I go first for recommendations of books to use? The ALSC and PUBYAC listservs, of course! (I got over 50 responses to that particular query and have yet to have time to collate and post the list!) When I see a great article that I think will be relevant to others working with children and technology, I’ll often tweet it (which will then post to my professional facebook page). If I have a question or comment of a slightly wordier/more personal nature, I’ll post it on my personal wall and tag anyone who might have something to say. If I need recommendations for good book apps, I’ll look at some of my colleagues’ Pinterest pages, and I post my own work regularly on my own WordPress blog. Slideshare offers peeks at other’s presentations, and Spotify…

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I’m LinkedIn, Are You?

As this entry posts, I will be starting my last day as a Youth Services Librarian. For the past five years, I have worked with Toddlers all the way up to Teens. It has been a very rewarding experience. While I will not miss cleaning up the “accidents” on the carpet, I will miss the programs and seeing the light in a child’s face when they make that connection where a love of reading clicks because they finally found the perfect book. But this entry is not about that. For the past year, LinkedIn has been my go to website. I highly recommend it as a tech tool to put in your arsenal even if you are not looking for a job. The reason is of course networking. Over the summer, I received an email from a MLIS candidate who was interested in networking with others in the Youth Services…