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On the Road Again!

You know what? I’m secretly an extrovert when it comes to talking about libraries. As I’m returning from (the last?) Midwinter conference, I’m reflecting upon what a great time I had at the ALSC social events this year and previous years. Thanks again to everyone who signed up for the Midwinter Dinners!

One of my favorite memories of social events at library conferences is when I attended an ALSC Road Show. A couple of years ago I was invited to an ALSC Road Show event hosted by the incoming ALSC President at the time, Nina Lindsay. Most of us were in town for the California Library Association conference and it was the perfect time to have a mixer at a local cantina.

ALSC Road Shows are much like a pop-up event to represent ALSC at an event or conference near you. YOU can host a Road Show and be the connection between ALSC and new members. ALSC provides all the funds, you provide the knowledge and enthusiasm.

At the California roadshow, I connected with other new members of ALSC in my home state, got some advice from Nina about my prospects with ALSC and even tried ceviche for the first time in my life!

Attendees included other youth librarians in my region that did not work at the same library system as me. Now I’m able to put a face to the name for at least two of my regional colleagues!

ALSC provided the swag and the funding, the restaurant provided the Mexican food and Nina provided the inspiration! The rest of us provided the hungry tummies and hungry minds.

And did I mention swag?! ALSC sends a supply of promotional materials, which can really come in handy when you’re breaking the ice at an ALSC Road Show.

ALSC promotional bracelets
Love that ALSC swag!

Here are some Road Show ideas:

• Staff a conference booth
• Organize a social event at a conference
• Talk up ALSC at an alumni event
• Arrange a local get-together

If you’re ready to take this ALSC Show on the Road, all you need to do is a fill out a request by visiting the roadshow portion of the ALSC website- or filling out the form here.

Nicole Powell is a Branch Supervisor at Berkeley Public Library and she served on the 2016 Randolph Caldecott Selection Committee.

This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: VII Professionalism and Professional Development.

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