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  1. Anne Silver

    My grandchildren and I have just self-published a book entitled You Are Special Too, set in Africa and using animals to illustrate the loneliness of discrimination and bullying and the joy of recognizing differences and celebrating diversity. The book was illustrated by Gaye Sanders Fisher, a well known water colorist from Charleston, South Carolina, who fell in love with the book and wanted to be part of it.

    How would you recommend we get the word out about this book and hopefully get it into chiidren’s libraries?

  2. Dan Bostrom Post author

    Hi Anne,

    Congratulations on publishing your book! That’s quite an accomplishment. We get this question a lot. Usually we recommend this fact sheet from the ALA Library which contains helpful information about the publishing industry and the library market in general.



  3. Marin Darmonkow

    In November I plan to launch 2GETHER book collection containing five titles ( All titles are available in audio format for now. E-books will follow shortly. Print versions will be ready for distribution in the late fall. I am interested in buying some advertising from you, but the 2018 ALSC Media Kit link lead me to nowhere. Please send it to my personal email address. Thanks in advance for your time and help.

  4. Robert Clark

    We enjoyed entering our book in the 2019 ALSC awards. While we didn’t win, it was exciting to think we might. It’s good to know the copies of The Mystery of The Patch we submitted, are probably going on to Bookapalooza, and people will have an opportunity to see the book. It wasn’t widely known, but Captain White was outside the Convention Center, promoting his journal.

  5. Shelby Couch


    I work for a Library in Indiana and we are trying to find places and ways to advertise our job postings to get a wider pool of candidates. Would we be able to post job listings on this blog?

    1. Elizabeth Serrano

      Hi Shelby, thanks for this question! I recommend the following: Are you or someone on your team a member of ALSC? If so, you can post the listing in the ALSC Member Community on ALA Connect and it would reach all ALSC members. I also encourage you to visit ALA’s JobLIST website for posting listings: You may also request to purchase an advertisement space on the blog for 1 month by contacting Bill Spillman, our advertising rep at Thank you!

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