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Let’s Hear it for Process Committees and Task Forces!

ALSC’s book award committees are a big deal, and for good reason. There’s nothing quite like attending the annual Youth Media Awards ceremony and getting to hear which new author or illustrator will be honored. The audience goes wild in support–standing, clapping, cheering, and celebrating in the best way possible. I always love seeing the committee members stand and wave to the audience when their award is named. Serving on a book award committee is a ton of work, but also…what a thrill!

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Get to know ALSC’s Book & Media Awards

One of the things librarians do best is promote great books and get them into the hands of the kids and families we work with. We know that access to good books can have an extraordinarily important impact on young people’s cognitive, emotional and social development. I believe that developing a familiarity with various children’s book awards represents one great way of building your book curation repertoire. If you know what the awards are for, you can do a better job of evaluating why specific books win specific awards, which will help you decide if and how you may best promote them to your community. Keeping up with children’s literature awards takes a fair amount of effort because there are dozens, if not hundreds, of children’s book awards given out every year by many organizations. However, luckily for us, our association administers some of children’s literature’s most prestigious awards and…

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ALSC On The Road – The ALSC Road Show

Maybe you’ve heard about ALSC’s Road Show…but in case you haven’t, it’s this cool opportunity where any ALSC members can apply for funds or material to spread the joy of our professional organization.   It’s a way to reach new possible members and to continue the networking that happens at conferences to your backyard in the way that makes the most sense.  You can ask for funds to support a networking event or pay for a conference booth and/or ask for printed materials…whichever you prefer.  The application takes a mere five minutes to fill out. When I first heard about the Road Show I had trouble imagining how it might be useful—I didn’t get all the possibilities until I actually read the fabulous blogpost written by a fellow Membership Committee Member last year (d’oh-head slap) .  Since then, I’ve had tons of ideas on how you could use the program.  Here…

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Rewards Greater Than the Risks

One of the things I’ve most appreciated about my career as a Children’s Librarian is that my potential to do good has been unlimited while my potential to do harm has been virtually nil. This is not to say that I have not had a few dicey moments. In the interests of encouraging my fellow Children’s Librarians, both new and old, I’d like to give a few examples of near disasters I’ve survived without ever losing a patron, a physical facility, or my job. On my very first solo evening in my very first professional position I prepared the Children’s Room to close for the night. The tables were cleared, the shelves were tidied, and the patrons had all been helped and had taken materials to the lobby where they would be checked out. I was relieved to have gotten through the shift without incident. But…not so fast. Book bag…

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Can’t Attend Conferences? Learn Online with ALSC

Attending professional conferences is a great way to network and learn. But not everyone can get time away from commitments at work and home, and not everyone can afford the cost of travel, hotels, and fees. ALSC knows this, and has created a number of supplemental ways that members can continue to learn and grow as library professionals. Librarians are experts at professional development, after all!

ALA Midwinter 2019

#alamw19 ALSC Dinner with Friends

Yup, jet lag is definitely a thing, and it’s rearing its ugly head right now. Before I fall into bed, though, I just had to write a little about the ALSC Membership Dinner which I attended tonight. ALSC’s Membership Committee (particularly Jennifer Knight and Ashley Waring) deserve a big round of applause, since they worked very hard to organize this awesome event. Basically, we organized small dinners throughout town where new and seasoned ALSC members could spend quality time together before the conference kicked into high gear. Simple, but brilliant! We had a great turnout for dinners, and it was so nice to meet some new friends. My group ate at Stateside, a fantastic Asian fusion restaurant not far from the conference center. Sooooo yummy! We shared a bunch of fascinating and delicious dishes (so exciting, because then we didn’t have to choose just one!), including everything from crispy duck…

ALA Midwinter 2019

Midwinter Membership Events

If you’re headed to Seattle, pack your raincoat, wool hat and tennis shoes to trek up and down the many hills of the Emerald City.   Before you head out the door, take a look at the Meeting Scheduler Planner and the ALSC conference programs planned.  Personally, I love going through the schedule and “favorite-ing” events-it helps me feel better prepared and makes the conference easier.  Below are a few events planned for members and non-members, where you can learn more about the organization and how to get involved.