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Can’t Attend Conferences? Learn Online with ALSC

Attending professional conferences is a great way to network and learn. But not everyone can get time away from commitments at work and home, and not everyone can afford the cost of travel, hotels, and fees. ALSC knows this, and has created a number of supplemental ways that members can continue to learn and grow as library professionals. Librarians are experts at professional development, after all!

ALA Midwinter 2019

#alamw19 ALSC Dinner with Friends

Yup, jet lag is definitely a thing, and it’s rearing its ugly head right now. Before I fall into bed, though, I just had to write a little about the ALSC Membership Dinner which I attended tonight. ALSC’s Membership Committee (particularly Jennifer Knight and Ashley Waring) deserve a big round of applause, since they worked very hard to organize this awesome event. Basically, we organized small dinners throughout town where new and seasoned ALSC members could spend quality time together before the conference kicked into high gear. Simple, but brilliant! We had a great turnout for dinners, and it was so nice to meet some new friends. My group ate at Stateside, a fantastic Asian fusion restaurant not far from the conference center. Sooooo yummy! We shared a bunch of fascinating and delicious dishes (so exciting, because then we didn’t have to choose just one!), including everything from crispy duck…

ALA Midwinter 2019

Midwinter Membership Events

If you’re headed to Seattle, pack your raincoat, wool hat and tennis shoes to trek up and down the many hills of the Emerald City.   Before you head out the door, take a look at the Meeting Scheduler Planner and the ALSC conference programs planned.  Personally, I love going through the schedule and “favorite-ing” events-it helps me feel better prepared and makes the conference easier.  Below are a few events planned for members and non-members, where you can learn more about the organization and how to get involved.    

ALSC Online Courses

ALSC Resources for Everyone

I am currently serving my second year on ALSC’s Membership Committee. It’s been an enlightening experience, and I’m so excited to see what the next year will bring. When I first began my tenure, I was under the impression that our duties consisted only of sending out welcoming postcards to new members and planning the ALSC 101 meeting for the Annual Conference. Yes, we do both of these (and they’re both awesome!), but since then, I’ve discovered that we do so much more.

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Media Mentorship Resources for ALSC Members

I am serving on the ALSC Membership Committee until 2019. As I reach out to new members, one of my roles is to promote the professional benefits of being an ALSC member. Recently I was drawn into an emotional conversation with several parents of children whose ages ranged from 3 to 7 years old on the topic of technology use and their children. Just what are the best practices? As I listened, I was so grateful for ALSC and the many resources available on Media Mentorship. The three archived webinars (Media Mentorship in Libraries Serving Youth: a Primer; Best Practices for Apps in Storytime; Young Children & Media: Libraries in the Multi-Screen, Multi-touch Digital World), has given me and my staff the confidence to really listen to parents’ concerns and respond from a place filled with knowledge, not judgement. We frequently reassure parents that technology use is personal and a…