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Submit an ALSC Roadshow Request!

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The Roadshow…not just for conferences! So far this fiscal year we’ve approved one ALSC Roadshow request for the Idaho Library Conference which took place in October. We love when our members are willing to represent ALSC at their local conferences! But the ALSC Roadshow request isn’t just for conference events! Having 4,000+ members spread out across the country (and beyond) makes it an interesting task to figure out ways to connect as many members as possible. If you are interested in arranging a local get-together in your area to connect with other ALSC members or prospective ALSC members, I encourage you to submit an ALSC Roadshow request! Requests should be submitted at least four weeks in advance to give the Membership Committee enough time to discuss and come to a decision on your application. You can view the criteria and more information on our website. If you have any questions…

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ALSC on the Road in Idaho

Skye: Greetings from the land of famous potatoes! Just two weeks ago, energetic and passionate librarians from all across Idaho descended upon Boise for the annual Idaho Library Association Conference. The theme this year was “Libraries Leading the Way,” and what better way to kick it all off than with an early morning keynote address that challenged listeners to adapt and grow in the areas of character development, contextual awareness and competence, since no organization can rise above the capabilities of its leaders. From lively sessions focused on innovative STEAM programs, to an entertaining and informative guerrilla storytime, to a legislative panel that affirmed the vitality of the library in early childhood learning – there was much at this year’s ILA Conference to excite, challenge, and inspire. What made the conference extra-special, though, was the presence of the ALSC Roadshow booth. Since it is true that an organization is only as…