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Kid-Friendly Dewey

One of my first realizations as a school librarian was that Dewey nonfiction does not work for kids! Over the past decade, I have been looking for alternatives: I had a whole Pinterest board of Dewey alternatives that other libraries had tried. I also went to a Dewey-Lite program at the ALSC National Institute. None of what I found online quite worked for me, but they gave me a lot of ideas, which led me to create my own modified Dewey system in bins, which works great for my patrons, and great for me! I started the project in early 2023 and finished in October 2023. It was slow-going, but the results have changed how my students use the non-fiction area, and it helps me as a solo librarian.

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The Magic of Big: A Month of Read-Alouds and Great Conversations

When I made the jump from a public library to a public elementary school in January 2024, I took with me my eager anticipation for that year’s Youth Media Award announcements, and walked into a situation where I was given extensive curricular freedom. As I planned out my curriculum for the rest of the semester, I thought of the books I enjoyed reading aloud, I planned an entire author/illustrator study on Jon Klassen, and dreamed of Dewey Decimal System races.

ALA Annual 2024

A Little Bit of Something for Everyone at #ALAAC24

It’s almost that time of year again when library workers from all over the country flock to the American Library Association (ALA) annual conference to learn about fresh ideas and new resources that they can implement at their libraries. As a member of the ALSC Programming Committee, I had the amazing opportunity to be involved in selecting sessions that will be held at the 2024 ALA Conference. This year in San Diego, attendees seeking fresh ideas, new learning experiences, and building connections in libraries will be in for a memorable conference.  There are a variety of sessions that will appeal to all. Some of the sessions that were selected this year by the ALSC Programming Committee include celebrating the power of authentic and diverse representation in Muslim stories, creating Autism ready spaces by designing inclusive early literacy programs, and supporting children by activating their mind and body through non-fiction picture books. I’d…

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Top Tips for Working with Kids (When You Don’t Usually Work with Kids)

You never signed up to work with kids, you never expected to work with kids… and yet, here you are, covering the Children’s Department. This is a pretty common scenario, and it can be frustrating for people who worry they’re out of their depth or those who just feel rusty or out of place. Even for people who have had children of their own, suddenly dealing with strangers’ children can be an alarming experience!

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Naming Source Languages and Translators Serves Young Readers

Not long ago, I asked a group of grade six English learners to do a “source language scavenger hunt,” finding middle grade and YA novels in the school library and recording the language in which each was written. I also had them note the author’s name and, if applicable, the translator’s. This “hunt” had several goals: