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ALSC Institute Continues to Inspire Gratitude 

In September, I was afforded the opportunity to attend the 2022 ALSC Institute – #ALSC22 – in Kansas City as a recipient of the Friends of ALSC Scholarship. It was my first time attending the Institute, and after two very tumultuous years of the COVID pandemic and its lingering effects, I was excited to attend an in-person gathering of my children’s services peers at the national level. 

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Share Your Story with the Budget Committee!

Hello ALSC Members!  In years past, the ALSC Budget Committee has written articles calling attention to frequently misunderstood concepts regarding ALSC’s Budget, discussed ALSC’s many endowments, and highlighted general misconceptions around this quiet, but vital committee.  The committee has also worked to create infographics to help demystify how ALSC allocates its funds – and how you (or your library) can take advantage of ALSC’s and ALA’s grants and awards.   This year, we’re going to take a different approach, and we need your help!  Have you benefited from an ALSC-related program like the ALSC Equity Fellowship program or the Friends of ALSC Institute Scholarship?  Have you served on a committee that requested funding to complete a project?  Perhaps you’ve met a friend or a professional contact at an ALSC-Related sponsored Happy Hour.  If so, we want to hear from you and hear how ALSC has influenced your professional journey.  Please contact…

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Welcome to the #ALSC22 Choir!

During the 2022 ALSC Institute, I had the great privilege of attending Marine Band Librarian Staff Sergeant Philip Espe’s presentation: Wake Up Your Musicianship for More Inclusive Storytimes! Philip welcomed us with music and song from the moment we stepped into the room! As a former teacher and choir soprano, I appreciated how Philip scaffolded our learning using a variety of visual, melodic, lyrical and kinesthetic aids. Philip modeled how we can set the stage for all families to embrace their inner musician. “Music making and music loving is for everyone.”  After taking us through tunes such as “Don Alfonso” and “Campanero” (a Spanish version of “Frère Jacques), Philip encouraged us to evaluate and curate our storytime music, similarly to how we evaluate and curate our storytime collections. Music is an expression of culture, and our communities deserve to hear music that reflects them – in the same way that…

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Five Questions with Joe Prince, the 2022 Bechtel Fellow

The Bechtel Fellowship is designed to allow qualified children’s librarians to spend up to four weeksreading and studying at the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature, a part of the George A.Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida, Gainesville. The Baldwin Library contains a specialcollection of 120,000 volumes of children’s literature published mostly before 1950. The fellowship isendowed in memory of Louise Seaman Bechtel and Ruth M. Baldwin and provides a stipend of up to$7,500.

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Great Music for Preschool Storytimes

Who doesn’t love using music in storytime? It gets the wiggles out, it’s a great device for transitions, plus singing is a building block for early literacy. But it’s easy to get stuck in the songs we all know and use a lot. One of my colleagues, Cindy Kohl, is our department’s children’s music guru, and she finds new music all the time. I’d love to share some great songs with you!