Minh Lê, Carole Lindstrom, Siman Nuurali and more at #alsc20!

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Have you registered for our Virtual Institute yet? We have a bunch of great programs and speakers lined up! Some include: Breakfast for Bill Program “Family Matters: Sharing Generational Love in Children’s Literature” featuring Minh Lê, Siman Nuurali, Bao Phi, and Kao Kalia Yang! General Session “We Are Water Protectors” featuring Michaela Goade and Carole Lindstrom. These are just two but there are many others! You can find them listed on the schedule posted on the #alsc20 website. Educational Programs This year, our educational programs fall under our themes of: Collaborate, Include, Innovate, and Respond. Below is a random selection of one program associated with each of these themes. Collaborating to Create Welcoming Spaces for Children, Youth and Families Where do you start when you want to make a change to a library space?  How do you create buy-in with stakeholders who hold different knowledge and multiple perspectives? This session…


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I recently recorded a quick Q&A video with Children & Libraries Journal Editor, Sharon Verbeten. Did you know she has been the CAL journal editor for 18 years?! I did not know that! But one of the other statements she made during our Q&A that really stuck with me was, “We like to share in ALSC,” and now more than ever I have found this to be true. This has been a time where so many of us have probably felt isolated at different levels, in different ways. For me, it’s been really heartwarming to see ALSC members continuing to share knowledge and offer support to each other in the ways they can. I’d like to highlight some of the ways I’ve seen members “share” with each other during the past few months: Sharing via the ALSC Blog: We’ve had so many posts during the past few months that share…

ALA Virtual Conference 2020

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Misty and Kirby at ALA Virtual Event

One of the things I loved about ALA’s Virtual Event today was that I saw and heard mention of some of our ALSC leaders! We saw ALSC President-Elect, Kirby McCurtis, in conversation with Opening Session speaker, Misty Copeland! Wasn’t that a nice surprise? I also briefly attended the Serving the Transgender Community: It’s More than Just Bathrooms! session where a panelist mentioned Immediate Past-President, Dr. Jamie Naidoo, and his work and training’s on serving LGBTQ+ families in the library. Here is a peer-reviewed Children & Libraries article by Jamie published in 2018.   I thought it was really powerful to see our ALSC leadership present in these conversations on equity, diversity, and inclusion. With a new service year coming up, I think this is a good time to remind ALSC members that our board meetings are open to all. We always post our schedules, links to register, and documents online…


ALSC & You: Staying Connected

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I hope you and your loved ones are taking the best care possible during this time. From the beginning of shelter-in-place orders, ALSC committee members, staff and leadership has been thinking of ways ALSC can support those in the profession during this time. We know one thing is certain: remaining connected is a bit difficult, but so much more important now than ever before. How can we continue to network? How can we continue to share ideas? How can we continue to build on our passions in healthy ways during this time? Using ALSC channels and platforms, I want to share just a few ways we can stay connected: Join a We Are ALSC Chat (WAAC): The ALSC Membership Committee hosted a first WAAC at the end of April to connect with others and share some initial thoughts on the impact of this pandemic in an informal setting. ALSC’s School…


ALSC Blog Update: March 17, 2020

As a member driven organization, ALSC relies on the time, expertise, and dedication of our 4,000 members to create content and move association work forward. During this time, we know our members are focusing on their families, their own work, and how to best serve those they care about and their communities. We hope to pick back up on regular posts on the ALSC Blog soon. Please feel free to continue to share helpful or interesting resources you are using during this time in the comments under the pinned post: ALSC is Thinking of You and Asking for Your Strategies in Coping with COVID-19.

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ALSC Learning and Networking

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ALSC always has a learning or networking opportunity for you! ALSC Institute In case you missed it, National Institute registration has opened! This fall, children’s librarians, youth services staff, and others interested in library service to children will gather in Minneapolis, MN for ALSC’s two and a half day conference. The conference, themed “Dive In: Engage, Amplify, Activate” will be held October 1 – 3, 2020. The early bird deadline is June 29, but I would recommend registering as soon as possible. Education programs and descriptions are available on the ALSC website and a full list of keynote speakers will be announced soon. Our “Breakfast for Bill” program panelists will include: Bao Phi , Minh Lê , Cheryl Minnema, and Kalia Yang!  ALSC Webinars ALSC has a bunch of live webinars coming up! With topics ranging from advocacy to babies in the library, you’ll want to register for one of these upcoming webinars. If you cannot attend…

ALA Midwinter 2020

The Bronx and the YMAs #alamw20

I was born and raised in The Bronx, NY and I was super proud to see two Bronx born names mentioned in today’s Youth Media Awards announcements: Sonia Sotomayor, author of Just Ask! Be Different, Be Brave, Be You. Rudy Gutierrez, illustrator of Double Bass Blues. The Bronx is a gritty borough of NYC that’s filled with so much art and good, but the positives are most times overshadowed by the negatives. The only bookstore in the entire borough opened in the spring of 2019, so when I visited home last summer I had to check it out. I can’t seem to find any of the pictures I took of the inside, but the outside of the store was just as beautiful. Although there’s access to public libraries (thankfully), it does still make me sad to know that there is only one bookstore in an area with a population of over 1.4 million…

ALA Midwinter 2020

ALSC Staff Appreciation Post #alamw20

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ALSC staff works anywhere between 14 and 17 hours straight on the Sunday before the Youth Media Awards announcements. I’ve heard stories where it’s been even longer than that! So, before we really jump into Sunday, I want to send a quick ALSC staff appreciation post. I have the privilege of working with a group of 6 other people who are creative, funny, intelligent, and genuinely committed and interested in the work our 4,000 members do everyday for children and their families. I had to use the best of my artistic abilities to draw in Aimee (ALSC’s Executive Director) and Angela (ALSC’s Projects and Partnerships Program Officer) who could not make our group photo above.