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Want to talk about the Newbery and Caldecott 2023 titles? Join an ALSC YMA Book Chat!

If you, like me, are still riding high on the excitement of the 2023 Youth Media Awards announcements, there’s a good chance you’re feeling an urge to talk about these terrific titles with fellow kidlit enthusiasts. I’m delighted to share that you can now indulge your desire to talk about this year’s Newbery and Caldecott winners and honorees in the company of fellow library workers in an ALSC-led group. That’s right, you can participate in an upcoming ALSC YMA Book Club!

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Easy Puppetry From the Shadows

So, coming up this Friday I’m going to be in Ocala for the 2023 TBLC KidsLit MiniCon. For the first time, I’m doing a workshop all about shadow puppetry. Of course, it’s made easy! Moreover, I’m bringing my own brand of shadow puppetry, one that combines many styles and forms of this ancient art. Taking your show on the electronic highway Shadow puppetry enjoys a history that stretches back to time immemorial. Today, we have theability to create, share and present wonderful shadow puppets and entire shows utilizing 3-D printingmethods in person and online. Shadow puppet creation used to take hours of painstaking work withscissors and exacto knives and result in workable but fragile products. The average professional handpuppet today costs upward of $30, while a 3-D printed shadow puppet costs pennies. Here are two (2) I’ve printed: Since most shadow puppet screens/theaters are big rectangles, just zoom in on…

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In the Room Where It Happens

It is the most magical time of the year, and no one knows this better than those of us who work with children in libraries. We are the people who throw around words like “Caldecott,” “Newbery,” and “Belpré” with ease and pour over all the lists the day they come out (if we didn’t wake up early to watch the announcements in person!).  The day the Youth Media Awards are announced is basically the children’s librarian Super Bowl – even if you don’t really care about the results, you better look up the winners, so that you know what you are talking about when your coworkers bring the awards up. You can view the 2023 award winners now!

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EDI In Action: Let’s Move!

When we talk about how to connect with underserved communities, one way is through programs for youth who may be looking for more than books. Instead, they may be looking for a place to belong, a space to develop confidence, or a time that works with their variety of learning styles. I’m a librarian who loves movement in storytimes but also as part of programming for all youth. As a kinesthetic learner, I try to incorporate many different access points in my programs to connect with a variety of learners. As a Chinese martial artist, I like to bring what I have learned as well as acknowledge community members who may want to share. Today, I’d like to focus on using movement as a way to enhance programs you already do or as inspiration to partner with others to authentically bring a new type of program to your community. Storytime….

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LGBT Books in Storytime

Include all families in your storytimes by making sure that you’re including LGBT books in storytime. According to Family Equality, between 2 million to 3.7 million American children under age 18 have an LGBTQ+ parent. An estimated 29% of LGBTQ+ adults are raising a child and many more than that have nieces, nephews, or other children in their lives. Chances are, you have a family coming to your storytimes that would appreciate seeing themselves or their family member represented! But what do you read?

Awards & Scholarships

An ALSC Budget Story: Receiving the Bechtel Fellowship, as Told by ALSC Member Joe Prince

Happy winter, everyone! Children’s library workers kick off each winter season with the excitement of the YMA Press Conference at LibLearnX, the rush of getting the awards seals on the newly announced winning books, and the recently appointed book award committees starting a new cycle of work. Yet, whereas the YMA Press Conference and ALSC book awards activities tend to get so much of our attention, ALSC buzzes yearlong with its work in support of numerous funded programs and activities to further and strengthen the work of children’s librarians, children’s librarianship, and the practice of the profession. One such program is the Louise Seaman Bechtel Fellowship. This fellowship provides a grant of up to $7,500 for a qualified children’s librarian to spend up to 4 weeks reading and studying at the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature, one of the Special and Area Studies Collections of the George A. Smathers…

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2023 YMA Announcements!

This morning, along with over five thousand other aficionados of children’s and young adult literature, I watched the live stream of the annual ALA Youth Media Awards announcements. These announcements, celebrating the “best of the best” in literature and media for children, are a must attend event for me each year, sometimes in person, sometimes virtually. Held this year at the 2023 LibLearnX conference in New Orleans, the announcements did not disappoint!