Competencies for Librarians Serving Children in Public Libraries

Let’s Be Positive! What are some of your favorite programs?

During this time of confusion and stress, I thought I could talk to staff at my library and see what some of their favorite programs are that they have done in recent months. A lot of ideas are shared throughout social media about programming, and I thought it would lighten the mood to have staff reminisce about fun times at the library. 

Commitment to Client Group

Ten Tips for When the Library’s Closed

The situation is changing moment to moment and decisions are constantly being reevaluated. The safety of our public is our top priority, as much as we believe in the necessity of the library’s services. We are caught in a difficult place, and the need to slow the spread is winning out: More and more libraries are finding themselves being closed to the public or shut down entirely.

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We’re Here for You ALSC Members

Dear ALSC Members and Friends, I’m thinking of you today and every day and wondering how you are doing and hoping that you, your family and friends are safe and healthy. It seems so long since I last communicated.  So much has changed, yet it seems in some ways we are in the same place.  An online news commentator a few days ago said that March was the longest year we had ever had in a month.  I’m sure it seems that way for many of you as well.

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What to do in a global pandemic was not taught in library school!

“What to do in a global pandemic was not taught in library school!” is a refrain that I’ve heard over the past few weeks from multiple colleagues. While we’re trying to figure out the best responses to the Covid 19 Pandemic – from how to continue to serve patrons, to how to best sanitize materials – ALSC’s parent organization, the American Library Association (ALA), has come up with a Pandemic Preparedness Resource for Librarians that addresses all sorts of pressing and relevant topics. 

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These are unprecedented times #COVID19

I never imagined a time when librarians would be advocating to close libraries, when the ALA Annual conference would be cancelled, or when staying inside would be the norm, but here we are. #COVID19 has struck the world and it is terrifying. And that is OK. These are unprecedented times. As a librarian, it is typically hard to imagine that we could ever be deemed “un-essential.” Just because libraries are not open- does not mean we cannot help people. Librarians around the world are rising to the challenge, putting on digital story times, providing access to different resources, aiding students and teachers with online learning and more. We are proving more than ever that we can be of support, even without our physical buildings and materials. The pressure to produce can be overwhelming. I am inundated with e-mails and Facebook notifications every time I log online. There seems to be an…