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Mastering Mentorship: Tips for Success

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Mentorship is an important part of professional development and growth. But how would you define mentorship? Writing this post, I struggled to find a definition that resonated. Too many focused on the ambiguous work of a mentor, failing to define either mentor or work. Finally I found this beautiful definition: I love how this definition captures so many parts of mentorship. Moreover, it doesn’t require years of experience, specific skills, or job titles. Instead, it focuses on everyone having something to offer others. For me, that’s key. I’ll be focusing on mentors and mentees as equally important participants in the relationship.

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PLA Visitors: Welcome to Columbus Libraries!

Are you attending the 2024 Public Library Association Conference? I might just see you there! Welcome to Columbus, Ohio – the 14th most populous city in the United States. We might be pretty well known for the Ohio State University’s football team – but we are also home to some pretty incredible library systems.  While visiting (or while following along from home!) learn about some of the various libraries filling Columbus and the surrounding suburbs: And more! With just a bit longer drive, you can also visit Alexandria Public Library, Fairfield County District Library, Granville Public Library, London Public Library, Marysville Public Library, Pataskala Public Library, Pickaway County District Library, Plain City Public Library, and the Wagnalls Memorial Library.  I like to leave conferences with pictures and tangible ideas of things I can replicate at home – and what better way to do that than visiting our area libraries while…

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Sustainability and Children’s Services

Earth Day is one month away, but what happens all year long matters just as much, maybe more. Ever since the ALA endorsed sustainability as a core value, there’s a recognition of the key leadership role libraries can play in community knowledge and resilience in response to climate change. While I often plan programs around nature-based activities, getting youth outdoors to appreciate the natural world is only one step toward ecological thinking. After joining my library’s sustainability team, I’ve begun to center thinking about the kinds of practices that lend themselves to children’s programs and services with a lighter eco-footprint. Here I’d like to share some reflections and resources I’ve found helpful on my continuing journey toward greater sustainability in children’s services.

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Unmasking Your Potential: Defeating Imposter Syndrome in Underserved Communities

Imposter syndrome, that nagging feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt despite evident accomplishments, can be particularly challenging when working with underserved children and their caregivers. In such roles, the weight of responsibility to make a meaningful impact can often intensify feelings of unworthiness or incompetence. However, recognizing and addressing imposter syndrome is essential for us to serve the communities we work in effectively. Now, I am no expert however, I have been a victim of imposter syndrome myself and I have had to unpack my issues and leave them at the door. I would like to break down what I have learned regarding understanding imposter syndrome in this context and offer strategies to overcome it. Hopefully, this will empower librarians and library workers to make a real difference in the lives of those they serve. Understanding Imposter Syndrome: Imposter syndrome manifests when individuals doubt their abilities and fear being exposed as…

Evaluation of Media

What Exactly is the Bill Morris Seminar and Why Should I Apply for It?

Do you have a fervor for discussing books? Are you looking to develop or refine your book evaluation skills? Has past participation in a mock book award committee piqued your interest in being part of the real thing someday—think Newbery, Caldecott, Geisel? If you responded “yes” to any of these questions, the Bill Morris Seminar might be just what you are looking for! The Morris Seminar is a biennial, all-day seminar that takes place the day before the kick-off of ALSC National Institute. From experience, I can confirm there are many professional and personal benefits offered by Seminar participation. I may have caught your attention, but maybe you are still wondering just how this Seminar works?

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Programming for Families During Black History Month

February 26, 2024 Planning Black history programs in February provides a unique opportunity to create informative and creative celebrations of the contributions of Black Americans, engaging children and families alike. Developing programs that embrace cultural diversity offers teachable moments and exposes our community to its richness. The following program offerings cater to all ages and are planned for the University City Regional Library this year in Charlotte, NC. It also includes programs from previous years. As you prepare for upcoming Black History programs or events aimed at fostering inclusivity, I encourage you to consider the program ideas outlined here to inspire your planning process. Children’s Literacy Festival: Black History Month Children’s Literary Festival Invite families and children to explore the world of Black children’s authors and illustrators through hosting a children’s literacy festival. I partnered with the skilled artist and art teacher, Shaya Locke to create projects inspired by selected…

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Youth Book Awards with an International Flair

Spring is in the air and with it, perhaps one is looking for other award winners to purchase and promote in your libraries. Information in this blog post focuses on international books to help advance efforts to engage students; perhaps especially those who are recent immigrants to the United States