Competencies for Librarians Serving Children in Public Libraries

Big Body Play in the Library

Education professor Dr. Frances Carlson coined the term “big body play” to describe the boisterous and physical kind of play engaged in by children.  Whereas fighting is a display of frustration, BBP is a display of joy with the intent of having fun.  BBP can occur alone or with friends, in a structured or unstructured format, with objects (such as balls) or by simply using one’s body.

ALA Annual 2019

This Recap Does Not Give Justice to Justice Sotomayor at #ALAac19

  Sonia Sotomayor entered to a standing ovation to which she replied, “My favorite people! I love librarians” because librarians open the world to children and give them opportunities they otherwise could not have. Early in the discussion, she came down off the stage and wandered through the audience hugging and shaking hands with adoring fans! She said so many inspiring things, here are a few of my favorite quotes and details: She is “living proof of how libraries can affect people for life.” She loved going through the old library card catalogs! Her first chapter books were “Nancy Drew.” In 6th grade, “Lord of the Flies” really affected her-she wanted to become a lawyer so she could help people see that laws serve us as a community Laws help us make sacrifices for the greater good Our greatest obstacle in life is fear. “Most important skill for librarians is…

ALA Annual 2019

It’s All Fun and GAMES at ALA Play #ALAac19

I just got in from ALA Play, An Evening of Gaming, Maker, & STEM, sponsored by the Games and Gaming Round Table at #ALAac19.  Attendees got to watch demonstrations of and PARTICIPATE in different board games and card games.  There were games for young children as well as for adults.  We also got to paint our own Warhammer miniature.  (This was very relaxing and a good way to meet and interact with other librarians from around the country!)  There were also ten or more raffle prizes given out at the end of the evening. It was great learning about the new games that are available.  I was excited to see that a lot of the games for younger children incorporate STEM and problem-solving while making it fun–what kid wouldn’t love solving crimes committed by cats or designing their own working mini-rollercoaster?!  I got some great ideas for game nights(/afternoons!) at…

ALA Annual 2019

Here We Go! #alaac19

Brace yourself, Washington, D.C., there are a whole bunch of librarians coming your way! I love going to conference in big cities and seeing ALA librarians everywhere you look. When I checked into my hotel today, I noticed that I have a special librarian key card—The Princess in Black. How cool is that? Not to mention, it was very fun to laugh with the somewhat shell-shocked staff as they commented on just how many librarians they’ve seen already. And this party is just getting started! I’m getting ready to go the opening general session where author Jason Reynolds will be speaking. What an awesome way to open up the conference! After that, it’s the exhibit opening, and meeting up with friends. In the next few days, I’m looking forward to hearing author Tomi Adeyemi speak, and I’m also planning on attending the Leadership & ALSC Meeting, where we’ll get a…

ALA Annual 2019

On the way to #ALAac19

Ready for #ALAac19!  Bags are packed (and hopefully on the plane, too) as I leave sunny, HOT New Orleans for Washington, DC!  This is my second ALA Annual conference but my first one out of town as I was lucky last year to have it here in New Orleans.  So, I have two checked bags that are completely empty.  The check-in agent commented that they were empty.  I said, “Oh, they won’t be when I get back!” 

ALA Annual 2019

Notable Children’s Books Discussion List – #alaac19

The ALSC Notable Children’s Books committee is charged with identifying the best of the best in children’s books. According to the Notables Criteria, “notable”  is defined as: Worthy of note or notice, important, distinguished, outstanding. As applied to children’s books, notable should be thought to include books of especially commendable quality, books that exhibit venturesome creativity, and books of fiction, information, poetry and pictures for all age levels (through age 14) that reflect and encourage children’s interests in exemplary ways. Here is the complete list of 65 titles which will be discussed at the ALA Annual Meetings in Washington DC beginning at 1:00pm on Saturday, June 22, 2019. Enjoy!

ALA Annual 2019

Eating in D.C. #alaac19

While you weren’t looking, Washington DC has become one of the best dining destinations in the country. Celebrity chef Jose Andres has been cooking here to acclaim for years, and relatively new upstarts Rose’s Luxury and Bad Saint have won Michelin stars and the James Beard award respectively. Many of these are an easy walk from the Convention Center. We’ll share those, and also some links to other spots slightly further afield for those looking for further adventure.