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The Self-Care I Needed to Survive the Pandemic

As I reflect on this past year, one thing that kept me motivated was the routine of meeting with my ALSC committee members. Though we were working on shared interests and committee charges, the act of being a part of a team gave me the self care I needed to survive the pandemic.  Each of us takes care of ourselves in unique ways. There are some days when we just need to survive and do nothing. There are other days when we want to take action and unleash our sense of ambition. I have my share of both of these mental capacities but overall, I know that I thrive knowing that I am a part of something bigger and that I can make a real impact with my work. Working on committees kept me balanced between personal self-care and connecting to the value of Children’s Services. Seeing how our colleagues…

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Connecting with Early Childhood Professionals

Like many area libraries, the Deerfield Public Library has offered an annual Preschool and Early Childhood Fair. For three years, the Fair brought together early childhood professionals, so that our patrons could easily gather information and make informed choices for their families. The best thing to come out of those Fairs, however, wasn’t for our patrons, but connections for the early childhood professionals themselves.

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Summer Reading 2021 When COVID met Summer Slide

covid slide projections, reading decreases 32-37%

COVID Slide and Summer Slide Meet There are no definitives in this article. I’m sorry. Some split infinitives assuredly, though. So, 2020 and summer reading was new for us. Most of our library systems are going to continue circling the in-person programming wagons in 2021 in favor of going online. The system I work for, in fact, is purchasing online programming, which was actually pretty well received. But, as in the past, I wanna light a fire under you. You’ve already met summer slide. And we’re pretty sure there’s a COVID Slide. So, what happens when they start dating? What do their children look like? Wallflower No More I understand why you may have sidelined yourself last summer. It was chilly water. We stood back and watched, waited, hoped, and tried to remain optimistic. We waited largely to see what other systems would do. But we didn’t do much else….

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Changes: Turn and Face the Strange

We’ve had a lot of changes in the past year, haven’t we? Changes in lifestyle, in government, in health. In our work lives, we’ve had nothing but change! It looks like there’s more change to come for all of us as we creep back, ever so cautiously, to something that looks like a life and work pre-pandemic. I had some big changes this month. I was promoted to Senior Children’s Librarian, which meant I moved branches and completely changed the scope of work that I do. A lot of it scares me, to be honest. I have to know DETAILS. DATA. There are EXCEL SPREADSHEETS involved. People expect me to know things. Is this my strongest skill set? Not even slightly. However, I have the opportunity to work in brand new and really exciting ways that do build on my existing skills.  I can stretch and grow, and that is…

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Tough Conversations – Resources to Share

ALSC Conversations Image

In my personal networks over the past few months, the question, “How do we talk to the kids about this?” has repeatedly surfaced as these continue to be challenging and unjust times. Every time I read or heard this question, though, I was reminded of the value of being a part of ALSC. Every time I read or heard this question, I was able to share an ALSC booklist, resource, or an article developed by (or which featured) our members. Below are the resources I’ve shared with friends and family, incase it is also helpful to you in supporting your own families and communities: Tough Topics booklist (grades K-8): Personally, what I appreciate about these lists is that, in addition to the titles, they also include trusted resources for adults to explore. Unity and Justice booklist #LooktoLibraries Resources: In particular, I have shared the Tough Conversations Tip Sheet. (A warm…

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Keeping them Reading with Winter Book Bingo

One of the biggest challenges for me since COVID-19 has been keeping my students engaged in reading. My position was created at the beginning of last school year, and as we built what is now our new Learning Commons, I worked hard to get students excited about the incoming collection of books and the ability to stop by and pick out whatever book they wanted. Shortly after our space opened, COVID became our new reality, and I tried to keep kids engaged with reading through our Academy Book Mobile and other initaitives. I knew all along though, that part of the appeal and excitement about our new space was being able to be browse the shelves. Unfortunately, it is something we just can’t safely offer at this time. So, I’ve been working on curating an eBook collection that students can safely peruse and reflects what they want to read, while…

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Collection Development During COVID

How has your collection development changed due to COVID? This is the question I’m hearing asked from lots of librarians around the country right now. Are you facing budget cuts? Have you shifted collection funds to digital materials instead of print? Are you ordering as many new books as you normally would? Do you even have space for all the new stuff with reduced traffic in your buildings and lower circulation? Let’s talk about it; I would love to hear!