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2014 was a great year for the ALSC Blog!

Thanks to our incredible group of regular ALSC Bloggers, representatives from ALSC committees, and over 100 guest bloggers, 559 posts were shared — an average of 46 posts per month — on the ALSC Blog last year. These posts included:

Programming ideas
Steam & Stem information
Member profiles
• Ideas about displays
Live blogging from ALA Midwinter 2014ALA Annual, PLA, and the ALSC Institute
• Information about children and technology
Storytime ideas
• Working with tweens
• and MORE!

ALSC Blog word cloud - thanks to
ALSC Blog word cloud – thanks to

The Blog enjoyed continued growth in the past year. In comparing 2014 to 2013,

  • The number of users increased by 10.12% (159,651 vs 144,982)
  • The number of pageviews increased by 13.71% (367,543 vs 323,238)
  • The number of sessions increased by 7.60% (227,042 vs 211,014)

The most popular post in 2014 was one which was originally posted in 2012 and written by ALSC Blogger Amy Koester. With 9,257 pageviews, the most viewed post in 2014 was Three Little Pigs and the Preschool Science.

Booklists are always popular on the ALSC Blog. A guest blogger, Dr. Claudette S. McLinn, wrote the second most popular post last year. Best Multicultural Books of 2014 had 7,912 pageviews. Shared via Twitter from the blog 219 times, this was also the most re-tweeted post.

With 28 comments, the most commented-on post this year was Unconventional Preparations for Storytime by Katie Salo.

All in all, 2014 was a very good year for the ALSC Blog. I trust that 2015 will be even better!

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