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Sneaky Advocacy and Award Winning Titles

In the last post from the  AASL/ALSC/YALSA Interdivisional Committee on School/Public Library Cooperation, titled Youth Books with an International Flair, the discussion was about non-ALA youth book awards. Considering the diversity of the winning titles and creators of the youth media award winners this year and the current hostilities towards diverse books for young readers, perhaps we might put on our advocacy hats and look to engaging the adults in our communities.

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Snow Days!

We recently had a snow day, both for the students of our area and for the public library where I work. I remember snow days of my youth, patiently waiting for our school district to be called over the radio station or for its name to appear at the bottom of the television crawl. (Yes, I’m dating myself here.) The anticipation….followed by the joy of a random day off! Even though I was “that kid” who loved school, I also loved being at home, usually curled up with a book. And then when our daughters were school-aged, it was the same:  the joys of relaxed expectations, crafts, board games, and, of course, books!

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Summer Reading Crunch Time Décor!

Summer Reading Crunch Time! By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what your SRP program for 2023 looks like. You’ve got your performers lined up, got your giveaway items and prizes. However, let’s say you are like me and are biting off that proverbial chew of decorating the children’s section. I am in the lucky position of having two whole small branch libraries that I get to help decorate for summer reading; that was sarcasm. That aside, it occurred to me to write a bit about the creative process. My painting students are frequently treated to it, so I thought of you, the audience at home. It’s Always a Process and Frequently Involves Cardboard This process gives a few options and rely on just a few factors. Here’s a flowchart for you to guide you! If you dawdle and or procrastinate, here is what your creative process…

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Thanksgiving Books Without the Myth

Thanksgiving books are probably the most sought-after holiday books in my library. As a white librarian who strives to do less harm, Thanksgiving books give me pause. Children are still being taught the Thanksgiving myth, while some people consider Thanksgiving a day of mourning. We serve all of them as members of our community. How can we fulfill the demand for books while avoiding harmful stereotypes and misinformation?

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LGBT History Month at Your Library

Did you know that October is LGBT History Month? High school teacher Rodney Wilson, the first openly gay K-12 teacher in Missouri, started this annual observance in 1994. Why October? It’s a month schools are in session, the first national march for gay and lesbian rights was held in October 1979, and National Coming Out Day has been held on October 11 since 1988. (Source: ) Celebrate this significant month by displaying or featuring books about LGBT history. Not sure where to start? Read on for suggestions!

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Inclusive Back to School Books

I know that much of the country is not in back to school mode yet, but in Southern Indiana our students started back to school last week. And as families have geared up, our back to school books have been flying off the shelves. I’ve been keeping a close eye on this display to fill it back up. And I always try to make it as inclusive as possible. Keep this in mind as you’re building yours. Consider some of the books below to make your display more inclusive!

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Summer Reading Planning at Washington County Public Library System

It has been a long two years for libraries, and summer reading programs were no exception. We spent two summers creating passive programs in what felt like countless grab-and-go bags. This year, we are excited to host our first in-person summer reading program since 2019, but we also began our planning process feeling a little daunted: how could we best create a show-stopping 2022 program after two pared-down years?