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Oral Storytelling: Not Just for Grandma Anymore

Some of my best childhood memories revolve around my Grandma Juanita’s stories of her childhood. From tales of picking cotton – a story that taught me grown-ups always know when you’re lying – to a yarn about being chased by a bull, Grandma Juanita told the best stories. She also instilled in me a deep and lasting love of oral storytelling. It wasn’t until attaining my MLS that I’d come to realize the literacy benefits of such storytelling. While little formal research has been done into the effect of oral storytelling on early literacy acquisition, anecdotal evidence supports the theory that storytelling (as distinguished from story reading): teaches social and emotional skills; builds vocabulary; helps children become better listeners and readers; reinforces the importance of imagination and creativity; and promotes cultural awareness and expression, among other things.

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Summer Reading 2019 – Preparing Launch!

Summer Reading 2019 No, it really is NEVER too early to be thinking about summer reading 2019!  If you have the means, hire your performers super early.  If it’s you, some volunteers and a great deal of cardboard, then this is the beginning of a great series of blogposts just for you! Summer reading 2019 is largely about outer space.  Already ideas have been bouncing off the satellites.  Here’s some to get your engines started! STARNet! STARNet was introduced to me at ALA when it hit Orlando.  Since that time, I have never been let down in terms of all they have to offer, and the support they can give. Already STARNet has a whole portion of their site dedicated to – say it with me! – summer reading 2019!  They’re calling it “A Universe of Stories”.  And just to get your pulse running, they have a handy countdown clock…

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Children’s Librarians are Experts at Always Improving our Storytimes (Baby Storytime to be exact)

When I started as a children’s librarian, I didn’t know much about doing storytime, and I knew even less about working with babies. I haven’t been around a lot of babies in my life, so the idea of baby storytime, for children ages birth to 24 months, was one of my nightmares. Fortunately–for my professional development, but unfortunately for my nerves–I had a boss who encouraged me to do baby storytime. Throughout the entire process of planning and executing storytime, I was nervous; thoughts of failure and self-doubt were always running through my mind. The babies seemed unimpressed with the songs and rhymes and it felt like I wasn’t helping them learn anything.

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Egg Shakers in Storytime

A child is sitting on the grass, holding a blue bin. Inside the blue is a red egg shaker covered in paint, rolling around the sheet of paper at the bottom.

Today’s installment of storytime props are egg shakers in storytime. (Previous post: Scarves in Storytime.) Before we dive in, let’s cover some of the basics: How do you pass egg shakers out?: Um, as un-chaotically as I can. I have a basket at the front of the room and ask the children to come up and take an egg. It takes a bit of time to pass them out, but it works at my library. I’ve heard of librarian having caregivers take an egg as they come in and hide it until it’s egg shaker time. I’ve also heard of librarians who have prop baskets throughout the room.   How do you put egg shakers away, keep them clean, and store them?: I ask everyone to clean up together. Sometimes, I call out, “If you have a red shaker, come put it away” or “If you are two years old,…

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Hispanic Heritage Month: Guided by our Leaders

Hispanic Heritage Month Continues! First, though, I always like to explain the “why”.  Why, Jonathan must we celebrate this every year? Here’s a quote for you that encapsulates the “why” the best, IMHO: Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15 to October 15 every year.  More than a time to celebrate the contributions of Hispanic Americans, this is a time to celebrate the continued inclusion of diverse materials into your everyday programming.  Inclusion does not have to be like hiding the pill.  As a matter of fact, it should never feel forced.  If it does not feel genuine to you, it will come across that way to your audience.  So, how to proceed?  Where do you seek inspiration or than this amazing blog? Inspiration from Leaders The 2018 Estela & Raúl Mora Award winners were announced just a few days ago.  What better way to explore your options than to draw inspiration…

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Hispanic Heritage Month 2018! İCelebramos!

Hispanic Heritage Month is here! Let’s celebrate!  Hispanic Heritage Month comes every year, from September 15 to October 15.  There’s tons we can do to celebrate, include our Hispanic patrons.  Hispanic Heritage Month is about bringing everyone together to recognize all that Hispanic Americans have brought to American culture. And WHY celebrate, you may ask? — Resources for All Not sure where to begin?  Let’s start at the top!  There’s a multitude of resources for all, whether you are confident in your Spanish or not. The Library of Congress has a great page complete with its own calendar that you could adapt to your own programming.  Remember, this is about inclusion.  Make our Hispanic patrons feel welcome, and relevant!  The Library of Congress site has something for everyone.  Select from images, to multimedia, to lesson plans that are easy to adapt to children’s programming. The Smithsonian Latino Center has another…