Civil Rights #PLA2020

I visited the somber and stunning Civil Rights space at Nashville PL, a tribute to the lunch counter sit-ins of 1960. 60 years ago this month, lunch counter sit-ins began in Greensboro, NC, here in Nashville, TN, and in other cities which still practiced legally sanctioned, overt segregation. The participants were mostly Black university students. Photos, arrest warrants and newspaper clippings line the walls, and a series of videos plays in a corner of the room. The central lunch counter installation has the nonviolent principles of conduct etched into the glass panels including “Do not strike back or curse if abused.“ After visiting the room, my colleague/friend and I walked over to the nearby restored Woolworths restaurant for lunch. We gratefully accepted a fact sheet about the site and its history in the sit-ins as we were seated at a table, a white-presenting woman and Asian-presenting woman. As we looked around at…

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Poking Around NPL at #PLA2020

What’s the first thing a librarian attending #PLA2020 does when they arrive in Nashville? Locate the main branch of the local library system and poke around, of course!* And I have to say, the Nashville Public Library has an amazing space. The children’s area is bright and colorful and has MANY installations that encourage active play. There were so many touches of whimsy throughout and you can tell that the staff there really care about kids and want to provide a space that inspires curiosity. I was especially impressed by the intentionality that permeated every aspect of their space. You can tell that it was designed for a child audience and that a LOT of thought was put into their renovation 4 years ago. And yes, that’s a book drop designed to look like the Nashville Public Library. I loved these little doorways built into the stacks in the picture book area….

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Limitless Libraries #pla2020

One of the meetings that I set up before PLA was with the NPL staff member who started the Limitless Libraries project and now coordinates their curriculum kits so I could pick her brain and see the reality of their project. As items are requested by students, they are put in these bins.  Each bin is for a different school.  There are approximately 120 schools who are a part of the program.  The bins are located in their staff workroom in the first basement.  (FYI-you can’t tell the workroom is in a basement!)   The materials are then bagged up and go out each day to the schools.  Each bag is for a different school.  The school delivery service added the library to their route and they pick up the bags.  Items are returned to the library through the same delivery service.   NPL also carries over 100 curriculum kits…

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#PLA2020 Visit NPL

If you have a spare hour while you are in town, make sure that you stop by the Nashville Public Library.  It is about a 15 minute walk from the convention center.  There are a lot of fun nuggets to explore and be delighted.  Here are a couple of my favorites: The book drop is a miniature replica of the Nashville Public Library and is just as you enter the room. As you go up the stairs from the first to the second floor, the stairs are painted to look like book spines. Doesn’t every kid (and adult too!) want their own reading fort?  This structure is designed with nooks and crannies that are perfect for readers. This replica of the Ryman Auditorium is perfect for dramatic play!   Lisa Mulvenna is the Head of Youth/YA Services at the Clinton-Macomb Public Library.

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Fear of being left behind (foblb) #PLA2020

The good news is I’m here, which is more than I can say for last PLA. Snow was predicted (again!) for Chicago, so I hopped on a flight a day early on Monday night in hopes of actually getting here. Being early for a big (8,000 library peeps!) conference is a great idea. Saw the Nashville Public Library while it was still quiet-ish! an amazing storytime by…wait for it, 3! people who were not librarians but “performance artists.”There were lights, recordings, puppets, juggling, witty repartee and more. Lots of fun, and they’re doing it again tomorrow morning, 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30. Brian Hull, or the “Professor” manages Wishing Chair Productions and told a few of us librarians about the deep, strong tradition of puppets here in Nashville. He’s super excited about the String City shows coming up which are an extra you can order on the PLA app.

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Are you interested in writing for the ALSC Blog? Do you have an energetic/compelling/effective writing style? Do you want to help support the ALSC Blog mission “to provide a venue for coverage of time sensitive news in children’s librarianship, current issues in the field, and programs, conferences, initiatives, resources, and activities of interest to ALSC members and those interested in children’s librarianship?” Two opportunities await!

ALA Midwinter 2020

Home Again, Home Again #ALAMW20

We took the Peter Pan bus home from Philadelphia to New York City. Only $18.50 for me, my husband and baby! Cheap ride and tons of room. The bus driver didn’t bat an eye at all my tote bags of books and baby things. He encouraged me to put them in the empty seats. It was a long day and wonderful conference. Of the books in my totes, I’m most looking forward to reading: The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles Mañanaland by Pam Muñoz Ryan Where We Go From Here by Lucas Rocha King and the Dragon Flies by Kacen Callendar The Light in Hidden Places by Sharon Cameron the EveryLibrary Annual Report the IMLS grant-funded EXCITE project and future papers Marxism: A Graphic Guide by Rupert Woodfin and Oscar Zarate The Eighth Life by Ninoharatischvili The Light in The Lake by Sarah R. Baughman The Oracle Code by…