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Rethinking Summer Reading Class Visits

Summer Reading is almost here and for many public library workers, has been in the works for months and months. Many of us are visiting schools right now promoting programs that have taken an immense amount of planning. Maybe we’re soaking in the infectious energies of classes where every student is convinced they’ll be the one to win this year’s grand prize. Or maybe we’re wondering why we overcommitted yet again and took on a bit more than we could chew. Whatever your situation, you’re in good company. Summer reading can be both fun AND stressful–and that’s ok! If learning how to do school outreach effectively was part of my library school curriculum, enough time has passed now that I don’t really remember it. Most of my on-the-job learning came from coworkers or blogs–including this one! Here are some good places to start whether you’re sending up an SOS or…

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2024 Summer Reading Lists

ALSC’s 2024 Summer Reading Lists have arrived! Compiled by ALSC’s Quicklists Consulting Committee, the lists highlight engaging and award-winning books to keep children reading all summer long. In addition to top-notch reading picks, the committee also recommends a range of apps, podcasts, and websites to help kids discover new and extend current interests. Here’s just a sampling of the digital resources featured: The 2024 summer reading lists have a colorful, streamlined design, making them easy to download and print for children, parents, and caregivers in your library and community. Find the FREE lists on the ALSC website. More summer reading fun And, while we’re on the topic of summer reading, here are some posts that might inspire you: More reading lists Have you checked out the 2024 Dia booklists? They provide a wide range of captivating stories that represent and celebrate diverse cultures and backgrounds. This post addresses ALSC Core…

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Outdoor Programs for Summer

Do you want to do messy programming but dread the indoor cleanup? Do you want to include more nature elements in your summer program? Maybe the weather is nice where you live and you want to take advantage of it. All of the above are true for me and I am going to share some ideas for outdoor programs that you can use in the summer or other times of the year if you have good weather.

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The Changing Face of Summer Reading

Spring is in the air here in Washington, D.C. and I find myself thinking ahead to the upcoming summer months. We will be starting our annual Summer Reading Challenge soon. At my library, this is geared towards people of all ages though it is more popular with the children. In past years, we have had game boards with different activities for each age range including our youngest patrons ages birth to five. Some of these activities are as simple as reciting your ABC’s. Older preschoolers have had the opportunity to practice writing. These activities seem geared towards early literacy which we know is very important for emerging readers. In addition, we often have special guest performers who get the children further excited. Past visitors have included science programs as well as storytellers. We also have had the Washington Nationals, our local baseball team, as one of our sponsors. This has…