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Girl Power! Volunteer Opportunities for Your Local Girl Scouts

At the beginning of this school year, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that our local Girl Scouts wanted to volunteer at our library! Ranging from age 8 to 12, these Girl Scouts were enthusiastic to serve their community by volunteering in the children’s department. I have greatly enjoyed working with this group, as they have showed excitement and pride in the work they have accomplished. Here are some volunteer opportunities that you can provide Girl Scouts and other child volunteers.

Blogger Ariel Barreras

Dinovember Fest!: Dinosaur Programs for Children

While Summer Reading is certainly on the forefront of every children’s librarian’s mind right now, Fall is also just around the corner and we should start to think about how to make Fall just as special as Summer. One idea that I am working on is a Dinovember Fest! Throughout the month of November, I will put on dinosaur programs for children of all ages. Here are some programs I will be hosting this Fall!

Blogger Ariel Barreras

ESL at Home: English Language Learner Family Literacy Kits

Like many communities across the country, my library’s community has a growing immigrant population, particularly families with young children. Immigrating to a new country comes with many challenges and libraries can be of service to this population through programming and collection development. To help this population, I have recently added ELL (English Language Learner) Family Literacy Kits to our children’s collection through the help of generous grant funding. This is a completely new program at my library and we are excited to see where it takes us! In this post, I will tell you about what is included in each kit and how this can serve immigrant families.

Blogger Ariel Barreras

Early Literacy Program Ideas for Your Library!

Storytime is an essential part of children’s librarianship; it is the first time children are in a more “formal” environment to learn and develop school-readiness skills, and parents and caregivers learn more about early literacy skills. While we try to touch upon the five early literacy practices in our storytimes, there are other engaging early literacy programs that hit these skills! In this post, I will highlight some early literacy program ideas that you can create for your library. Playdough Playtime Who doesn’t love playdough? With this program, your patrons will be able to cover all five early literacy practices! The key to this program is having the right playdough mats for the children to work with. I have been conducting this program for over a year now and it continues to grow because it is fun and educational. Some playmats that I have provided include the alphabet, numbers, nursery…


Climate Change Books for Children

Climate change is a hot button issue and more children’s books have been focusing on the subject. From picture books to middle grade novels, climate change has made its way into the world of children’s books. Below are some recommended books for children that explain climate change. Not only do these books highlight this important issue, but they show children how they can help save our planet on a local level.