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Last month, the Children and Technology committee posted about creating a podcast. We hope you read our August post and listened to our podcast on artificial intelligence (AI). This month, we are bringing you some of the resources our committee members consulted for the podcast. With the rise of AI, there is no doubt you will be using it in your daily life, both personally and professionally. 

AI Robot illustration

Artificial Intelligence – A Robotic Illustration” by deepakiqlect is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

This article is a great starting point for learning about AI. It mentions how the concept of AI has been around since the 1950s, but the definition has changed over the years with advances in technology. As librarians, we need to understand AI to be able to help our caregivers, children, and students. There are many ways we can assist our patrons through programming, resource guides, and the many other ways in which we have always helped them. 

Educating our patrons/students and the Differences between Public and School Libraries:

Be Internet Awesome.

Nascimbeni, Fabio , and Steven Voslooo. “Digital Literacy for Children: Exploring Definitions and Frameworks.” Https://Www.Unicef.Org/. Unicef, August 1, 2019. https://www

Student Learning:

Heaven, Will D. “ChatGPT Is Going to Change Education, Not Destroy It.” MIT Technology Review, April 6, 2023.

“How AI Could Save Not Destroy Education.” Sal Khan TED. April 1, 2023. Video, 0:00:35,

Smith, David; Green, Melinda (2023). AI 101 – a short guide to good prompts. National Teaching Repository. Educational resource.

Using AI in the Classroom:

“20 Ways to Use ChatGPT in the Classroom.” Ditch That Textbook. Accessed July 2023.

The AI Education Project. Accessed July 2023.

“Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Teaching and Learning.” Office of Educational Technology, Accessed July 2023.

“Can Generative AI Teach You to Code? It’S Complicated.” Code Academy. Accessed July, 2023.

AI and Plagiarism:

ChatGPT and Beyond: How to Handle AI in Schools. Common Sense Media, Accessed July 2023. https://www.aiedu:

Kelly, Samantha M. “ChatGPT Creator Rolls Out ‘Imperfect’ Tool to Help Teachers Spot Potential Cheating.” February 1, 2023.

DEI and AI:

Barger, Amira. “Here’S how AI Is Already Transforming DEI.” Fast Company. June 30, 2023.

Creative Lab Ventures. Accessed June 2023.

TextArt/ImageMusicVideoVoiceCheck Student Work
Bing ChatBing Image CreatorBeatovenInvideoDescriptAI Writing Check
ChatGPTDALL-E 2BoomyPictoryLovo.aiGPTZero
Google BardMidjourneySoundrawVeed.ioPlay.htZeroGPT
Hugging FaceStable Diffusion
Table of artificial intelligence websites.

The table includes additional resources that were mentioned during the podcast. Keep in mind there are limitations to all of these, especially if you use a free account. There are a few things to keep in mind when using AI. As librarians, you should always evaluate the resources and be aware they are susceptible to infallibility and inherent biases.

This blog post addresses the following ALSC Core Competency

Stays informed of current trends, emerging technologies, issues, and research in librarianship, child development, early and family literacy, education, and allied fields (VII. Professionalism and Professional Development)

This podcast  helps further the following 2023-2026 ALSC Strategic Initiative:

Identifying and implementing strong communication practices across the association

Angelique Kopa is a 2022-2024 co-chair of the ALSC Children and Technology committee, and she works for a public library in Maryland in Collection Development. 

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