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Media Mentorship and AI Podcast Resources

Last month, the Children and Technology committee posted about creating a podcast. We hope you read our August post and listened to our podcast on artificial intelligence (AI). This month, we are bringing you some of the resources our committee members consulted for the podcast. With the rise of AI, there is no doubt you will be using it in your daily life, both personally and professionally. 

Blogger Children and Technology Committee

Children and Technology: Assistive Technology

Vermont’s Jason Broughton wrote a stellar article on assistive tTechnology for the ALSC Blog back in December 2018, Assistive Technology: Equity and Inclusion for All, including information on what types of disabilities library staff may encounter and what assistive technologies may be available to best serve patrons with special needs. In addition, Elizabeth Gray wrote about Global Accessibility Awareness Day back in May. ALSC members spoke up with a desire for further information. The Children and Technology Committee has been working on a series of articles that will highlight best practices in assistive technology at individual libraries around the United States. We are working with practitioners in New York, Ohio, California, and Washington DC to share information on a wide variety of services. In librarianship, an essential component to the services we provide our communities is understanding those communities.  With that in mind, we’d like to share some resources that…


Soldering in the Library

It has almost been one year since my library opened our makerspace for kids, cleverly branded the T|E|A Room for technology, engineering, and the arts, by Kiera Parrott. While we have seen a flood of new experiences in the library due to the growth in STEAM-related programming, the most inspiring thus far have been T|E|A Room family programs. The majority of maker programs offered could have easily been transformed into family programs, and our plan is to combine this new wave of library programming with our desire to grow intergenerational activities in the community. One program that caused families to make the library a destination point one cloudless spring day was the Intro to Soldering class. Neither my colleague nor I had ever soldered anything before, and to be quite honest we both couldn’t even tell if the L was silent! Fortunately there were many reasonably priced soldering kits available…