ALA Annual 2024

Beyond ChatGPT: AI in Libraries

A glance at the schedule at #alaac24 makes it clear that library professionals are concerned about the effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on learning and in educational settings, and are curious about the ways AI can be used in libraries. How do we educate our users about using AI in an ethical manner, and what does that even mean? Librarians have always been in a position to help society adapt to new technology. We’re poised to help students with AI, but we need to understand AI ourselves. With that thought in mind, I added several sessions focused on AI to my agenda this weekend: Breaking Boundaries: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT to Transform Library Services and How AI is Transforming the Way We Read, Write, and Learn.

Blogger Children and Technology Committee

Media Mentorship and AI Podcast Resources

Last month, the Children and Technology committee posted about creating a podcast. We hope you read our August post and listened to our podcast on artificial intelligence (AI). This month, we are bringing you some of the resources our committee members consulted for the podcast. With the rise of AI, there is no doubt you will be using it in your daily life, both personally and professionally. 

Blogger Children and Technology Committee

Media Mentorship & AI: Creating an ALSC Committee Podcast

Since joining the Children and Technology committee in 2020, we’ve furthered the committee’s charge of educating and encouraging youth librarians to be leaders on technology issues, and disseminating information on these issues to the larger ALSC community. As part of our committee requirements we expect all members to publish at least one ALSC blog post on a current subject relating to technology. In 2022 we hosted an ALSC Chat on post-pandemic hybrid library programming. We consistently update the ALSC Digital Media Resources guide with the most current topics and resources. And we have built in innovative practices to our meetings – including using the digital platform Padlet to record our monthly check-ins. For further reading, check out this blog post published by my former co-chair on other ways we use tech tools within our virtual committee.  That said, with time left in the 2022-2023 term to complete a final project,…