Get to Know ALSC by Volunteering for the Budget Committee!

It’s time to submit your volunteer forms to be appointed to an ALSC process committee. If you haven’t considered the Budget Committee, I encourage you to do so! It is a fantastic springboard for leadership within ALSC. 

The Budget Committee is a great way to become acquainted with the inner workings of ALSC. You’ll develop a working knowledge of the ALSC strategic plan and become acquainted with ALSC programs and services. You’ll see how the Board develops their priorities, and be part of the budget decision-making process. Every meeting provides an opportunity to learn and it doesn’t take long to become familiar with the amazing work taking place within ALSC.

You’ll also get to work with great people, including the ALSC Executive Director, President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, Fiscal Officer, your committee chair, other lovely committee members and ALSC Staff.

All of this expertise enables committee members to quickly become familiar with ALSC. From your work on the committee, you will develop relationships with ALSC leaders and you may find it leads to additional opportunities within ALSC!

Vice President Cecilia McGowan will be making appointments soon, so don’t hesitate! You can find more information about volunteering, including on how to submit your volunteer form on the ALSC Appointments Process and Volunteering page.

This post addresses ALSC Core Competencies: Administrative and Management Skills, and Professionalism and Professional Development.

Today’s Guest Blogger is Matt McLain. Matt is a Branch Manager for the Salt Lake County Library and sits as a member on the ALSC Budget Committee.

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