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Can’t Attend Conferences? Learn Online with ALSC

Attending professional conferences is a great way to network and learn. But not everyone can get time away from commitments at work and home, and not everyone can afford the cost of travel, hotels, and fees. ALSC knows this, and has created a number of supplemental ways that members can continue to learn and grow as library professionals. Librarians are experts at professional development, after all!

Want to chat with other library workers and explore interesting topics together? Participate in an ALSC Community Forum! (link that text to: Join the ALSC Board, ALSC President, and other ALSC members as they discuss topics like “Inclusive Spaces for Children of All Abilities” and “Summer Reading & Learning.” Forums are a great place to network online; think of them as digital micro-conferences.

Have a busy and/or scattered schedule that doesn’t allow for you to get away for a day or two at a time? Try an ALSC Online Course! These 4-6 week long online classes are self-directed and asynchronous, meaning you do the work at your own pace at times that work best for you. You’ll learn from talented professionals, and network with your peers in online chat sessions. ALSC Online Courses are offered at a lower rate for ALSC members; check out the full list of upcoming course offerings here. (link text to:

Finally, for people who may be able to only carve out an hour here or there, ALSC offers a wide array of Online Webinars. Topics range from “Leadership in Youth Services” to “New Media and Preschool Services.” Live webinars (link phrase to: are free and available to all, but archived webinars (link phrase to: are only free to ALSC members. There are 50 archived webinars to choose from, and the list keeps growing!

As you can see, there are so many more ways to use your ALSC membership for professional development outside of conference attendance. We hope you try one of these online learning opportunities soon.

This post addresses the following ALSC Core Competencies: VII Professionalism and Professional Development

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