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“E” is for Engagement: How can YOU be engaged in ALSC?

In the past, I’ve mentioned some of the great work that ALSC committees and taskforces are doing – from choosing the next award-winning media to creating toolkits and webinars that help library workers better serve all children to sharing advocacy resources and tips that can help librarians advocate for funding. The work of all our process and media and professional award committees (supported by our amazing ALSC staff) keeps our association moving strategically forward. Activities can be conducted virtually, in-person, or both depending on the specific committee, taskforce, or working group. By participating in association work, ALSC members engage in activities that strengthen both the soft and hard skills that they use daily in their multifaceted jobs as educators, social activists, book enthusiasts, media mentors, literacy experts, outreach specialists, diversity advocates, and/or library staff serving children (which includes the aforementioned “hats” and more!). Engagement in ALSC benefits not only our…

Administrative and Management Skills

Keeping ALSC Committees Strong

You Can Do It! Rosie the Riveter poster

As one of the Priority Group Consultants (PGC) for ALSC committees, I often focus on how we can keep our ALSC committees strong, fresh, and moving forward.  That’s the essential job of each of ALSC’s seven PGCs.  We work closely with committee chairs/co-chairs (between 3-20 ALSC committees/task forces each) to support, advise, help navigate, problem solve, keep abreast of their ongoing work and keep lines of communication open between them and ALSC leadership. Whew.

ALA Midwinter 2019

Committee Time! #alamw19

Sunday morning at Midwinter is time for the ALSC All Committee Meeting. This is when many of the wonderful “process” committees get together. Process committees are non-award committees, and include groups such as School-Age Programs & Services, Building Partnerships, and my committee, Membership. This morning at the Membership Committee meeting, we discussed our plans for Annual which include hosting the ALSC 101 session and the ALSC booth in the exhibit hall. We recapped the member dinner that we arranged in Seattle this past Friday night at Midwinter. We also had a rich conversation around how to engage and connect with not only new members, but members who have been in the association for a few years. We want ALSC to be a welcoming and inclusive organization for all, and hope to foster a sense of community among members. We’d love to hear from you! How long have you been an…

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A Hive of Activity: Board Updates, Committees, and Volunteers

ALSC’s Busy Worker Bees What’s that sound? Do you hear it? Sounds like a buzz or maybe a hum. If you think it is a colony of busy bees you are 100% correct – ALSC Member Busy Worker Bees! With summer reading in full force and school (public and university) starting for others, ALSC members are hard at work engaging their communities to build healthy, successful futures for all children. At the same time, hundreds of you are also serving on ALSC process and award committees, moving the association’s work forward. In July many process committee members began new appointments and these committees started examining current and future projects to prioritize their work. I have been hearing from committees about some of their work and reading with interest the blog posts of various committees. As always, I’m amazed and humbled to be working alongside all of you – our awesome…

Call to Action

We LOVE Our Volunteers

Love is in the air! Can you feel it? I hope you can all feel the love that ALSC has for you. We are an association that could not function without the hard work, dedication, and passion of our volunteers. This past weekend many of our members were volunteering their time, talent, and treasures to conduct face-to-face committee work. At the same time, our virtual committees have also been hard at work sharing their same gifts to move the work of the association forward. Throughout the year, both groups are committed to the mission of ALSC. For all this work, I say thank you! Each year, I send out many Valentine’s Day cards to family and friends as an unexpected gesture to let them know I love and appreciate them. Although I can’t personally send each and every one of you a physical card, please consider this post my virtual…

ALA Midwinter 2018

Learning, Connecting, and Having fun at ALA Midwinter 2018: It’s Been a Whirlwind #alamw18

It’s been a whirlwind, indeed. Although I’ve attended several Midwinter meetings over the years, this one has been especially fruitful. The sheer pace of meetings and activities has had me dashing all weekend. That’s my excuse for not posting sooner. I arrived from Chicagoland early Thursday afternoon; I managed to avoid the blizzard back home.While my coworkers had a snow day, we were enjoying 60 degree weather here in Denver. On Friday I attended the Bill Morris Seminar, the highlight of my conference experience so far. As part of the 2018 cohort, I came away with an expanded skill set for children’s literature and media evaluation. And I met some truly amazing people in the process. Immediately after that, I attended the inspiring opening session where activists Patrisse Cullars and Marley Dias discussed what inspired them to rise up and take action. Later that evening I joined up with the…

Call to Action

Go Vols!: Volunteers Needed for ALSC Committees – Appointments Begin in Early 2018

With a title like “Go Vols!” You might think I’m rooting for a favorite college football team. While I’m not enthusiastically sharing my team spirit, I am fervently hoping to see an ALSC volunteer form from each and every one of you! ALSC has greatly benefited from the hard work of all our volunteers who offer to serve the association in various capacities. I began my career in children’s librarianship several years before I became involved in ALSC. But, once I made the right connections at the urging of my mentor, I stumbled upon the amazing work of previous generations of ALSC members and decided to join in the goodness. I started small – with a volunteer form, of course – on the ALSC Intellectual Freedom committee from there I served on an award committee, the Nominating committee, and several taskforces and working groups, mainly related to collaborative work with…