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Early Literacy Gift Ideas on a Budget

Do you want a child to have the gift of reading, singing, playing, writing and talking over the holidays? Of course the given is for a librarian to give books around the holidays, but you can take that a step farther. Here are some fun and cost efficient early literacy gift ideas.

  • Bubbles: Kids of all ages love bubbles. Blowing bubbles helps exercise facial muscles for speech and looking at bubbles helps promote eye tracking for babies. And watching kids play with bubbles can be fun for adults.
  • Pretend Play Props: Play food, pretend tools, costumes, puppets and cars all encourage dramatic play, a key element of early literacy. Dramatic play is where kids can assign roles and act them out. This helps stimulate a child’s imagination while helping to build the child’s general knowledge and vocabulary. It also is a safe way for children to imitate what they see adults doing.
  • Musical Instruments: Bells, shakers, or mini tambourines can be fun and help children learn rhythm and beat.
  • Puzzles: Beginner puzzles help children develop their motor skills and problem solving abilities. See and spell puzzles encourage word recognition and  introduce meaning with words. As children get older, more difficult puzzles can be used to teach problem solving and teamwork.
  • Photo Albums: Babies love looking at photos and it’s even better if there are photos of people they know. This can be extremely helpful if children have out of town relatives, so they can recognize friends and family.
  • Busy board: Babies and toddlers love playing with items like keys, cell phones and power outlets. A busy board introduces a safe way of learning these concepts and playing with the “no-no” items.
  • Beginner board games. Many companies have first games for kids, or junior versions of popular board games. Playing games in a group helps build social skills.

  • What are some other early literacy gift ideas? Let me know in the comments!



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