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What does the ALSC strategic plan mean for YOU?

It’s taken me almost a decade in libraries but I think I’ve finally become a strategic plan junkie. I used to think they were all pomp but now I see how they really are a guidepost for the focus of an organization. That being said, ALSC has a new 2023-2026 strategic plan that was unveiled at ALA! Woohoo! Our esteemed outgoing president Amy Koester detailed everything in her blog post, but here’s some highlights: Looking at this information, may seem like a lot- but Amy also did a great job at outlining concrete items that can be included in committee work plans. Now to think about, how can YOU be a part of the strategic plan? If you answered YES to any of those questions (and have the capacity), fill out a volunteer form and/or send an email to ALSC leadership to indicate your interest and where you feel you can contribute! 

ALA Annual 2023

Chatgpt at #alaac2023

On Saturday, I attended the Core Top Technology Trends where a panel of experts discussed ChatGPT in particular and AI in general as they examine how these emerging technologies impact the LIS field. I don’t attend many sessions that aren’t child based and it was interesting to learn about ChatGPT from varying lenses. There was a lot of discussion on how AI has actually been around for a while (hello Google), but is just changing from and how individual institutions need to determine their policies for working with chatGPT and AI. One thing I realized from this session was that I should actually spend some time playing around with chatGPT and see how it worked, instead of just hearing about it. So, my library is currently in a trial on Librari and I decided to ask some questions. Here’s an example using the basic ALSC: What is ALSC?The Association for…