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The Art of the Con – plan, host, conduct and maintain!

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The Art of the Con The Art of the con or convention is a fine art, but thankfully for you fearless reader, we have on hand Elise VanCise, creator and coordinator of the Annual Astor Library Geek Fest, now in its fourth year!  Elise is the young adult coordinator for the Astor County Library in sunny Astor, Florida. First Things First! J – For the purposes of this article, we’re going to focus on what it takes to plan, host, conduct and maintain a successful con.  But first, what exactly is a Geek Fest and why would a library want to have one? VanCise – Geek Fest is the name we gave to our mini-comic con or convention.  It’s a one-day con where we have cosplay, anything you geek is basically our theme – superheroes, science fiction, horror – anything you want!  This year we have exhibitors that do everything…

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Engaging Families and Technology with Byte-Sized Programming

Bee Bots, Osmos, and iPads are a great introduction to early technology.

Ready to introduce new technology, but uncertain about patron interest?  Why not try what we call “byte-sized programming”?  It introduces a variety of tech in a station-based environment.  The more stations, the more entry points you have to engage your families with tech.  You can introduce a variety of topics that appeal to all generations.  Plus, these programs are easily customized to your space, patron interests, and budget, and are held on a come-and-go basis.

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In my part of the country, most students had spring break this week or last.  I am always amused by the fact that when our local children have a break from school, we children’s librarians do not have a break from work.  At my branch, at least, there may be less children in the building than the afterschool crowd, but the demands are higher.  The kids have l-o-n-g days that are more unstructured than normal, and they are looking for something to do.  And, many times, their parents are looking for something for them to do.  Desperately.   Over time, my colleagues and I have taken several approaches to engaging children over spring break.  The simplest is having a passive program like a make-and-take craft.  Paper chicks are easy to put out on a table (I loved DLTK’s Crafts for Kids as a source for easy, printable crafts).  It might…