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Mastering Mentorship: Tips for Success

A hand writes the word mentoring in red letters

Mentorship is an important part of professional development and growth. But how would you define mentorship? Writing this post, I struggled to find a definition that resonated. Too many focused on the ambiguous work of a mentor, failing to define either mentor or work. Finally I found this beautiful definition: I love how this definition captures so many parts of mentorship. Moreover, it doesn’t require years of experience, specific skills, or job titles. Instead, it focuses on everyone having something to offer others. For me, that’s key. I’ll be focusing on mentors and mentees as equally important participants in the relationship.

ALA Midwinter 2020


Okay. Whew. Post number 2 (dos, I say in my head). Because it’s almost 6 a.m. and we’re running on the fumes of conference adrenaline over here at our recharge station (otherwise known as the Philadelphia 201 hotel). No more parenthetical comments from this point on, I promise. A lot to report on from yesterday and a lot of it’s not “live”. After reading my ALSC mentor Rosemary’s amazing post about graphic novels at #alamw20, I’m learning that a great live post doesn’t have to be written in the moment, per se. I also learned from talking to her that a laptop may be easier for blogging than this here smart phone… TBC. Having a mentor like Rosemary is GAME-CHANGING. We checked out the Scholastic Truth & Bravery event together. Conference buddies, friend reunions and mentors have been a highlight of my conference so far. Here’s some video footage from the…

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Gaining Professional Support through Your ALSC Membership

Being a member of ALSC can mean many things but for me it means always having a network of exceptional professionals, no matter where I am in my career. Through this professional network I have found my voice and how to use it, I have pushed myself to try scary things, and I have gained experiences I never would have anticipated as a library school student.

Blogger ALSC Membership Committee

Spreading the ALSC Joy: Membership Recruitment

Did you know that most ALSC members got involved with ALSC because of encouragement from a mentor or colleague? Recruiting new members and spreading the ALSC joy is something that any member can do at any place within the organization, no formal committee appointment required. It’s not tough to do, and it can be more rewarding than you might think!