ALA Midwinter 2020


Okay. Whew. Post number 2 (dos, I say in my head). Because it’s almost 6 a.m. and we’re running on the fumes of conference adrenaline over here at our recharge station (otherwise known as the Philadelphia 201 hotel). No more parenthetical comments from this point on, I promise.

A lot to report on from yesterday and a lot of it’s not “live”. After reading my ALSC mentor Rosemary’s amazing post about graphic novels at #alamw20, I’m learning that a great live post doesn’t have to be written in the moment, per se. I also learned from talking to her that a laptop may be easier for blogging than this here smart phone… TBC.

Having a mentor like Rosemary is GAME-CHANGING. We checked out the Scholastic Truth & Bravery event together. Conference buddies, friend reunions and mentors have been a highlight of my conference so far.

Here’s some video footage from the Scholastic event:

Checkout the digital media discussion group I’m leading today in 111-B from 2:30-3:30. I’ll also be attempting to live-stream it from my personal YouTube and live tweet it from the FMRT (Film and Media Roundtable) twitter.

Loved walking around Philly with my husband and baby yesterday. We grabbed insta-pizza from &Pizza after realizing we couldn’t bring baby Hunter to the EveryLibrary event, which took place at Howling Moons. It’s as loud there as the name might seem to indicate. Go figure.

&Pizza was great because I got to share it with loved ones. Daddy headed back to the hotel and gave momma a rare night out with one of my best girls (the run-in friend from my last conferences post, dear friend from Syracuse and a bridesmaid in my wedding).

Ok. Time to end this 4-6 a.m. conference adrenaline rush. I’m now going to attempt sleep. Fingers are crossed for a 6-8 a.m. recharge of my batteries before returning to conferencelandia.

Much more to report about yesterday and the day ahead, but for now it will have to wait.

PS. Happy Chinese New Year! My family and I got to see a dragon dance in the city. Baby Hunter loved the drums. Daddy and Hunter had a little dance in the park.

Dragon Dance

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