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Because Libraries Make Leaders

Earlier this month, library advocates from across the country converged on Capitol Hill for National Library Legislative Day. This year, the Public Awareness Committee (PAC) was pleased to have their new Information Sheet included in legislator packets.                     Today, we have super-library-advocate, Amy Koester, with us to talk about how she used the new information sheet at this year’s NLLD.

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Calling Everyday Advocates to National Library Legislative Day!

Nina Lindsay (right) visits with Bethany Hoglund (left) and Bernice Chang (center) at the Bellingham Public Library Children's Room

I’ve just returned from the Arbuthnot Honor Lecture, delivered by Naomi Shihab Nye in Bellingham WA.  You will hear more on this event soon, but you can check it out now on Twitter at #Arbuthnot2018 (and contemplate your application to be the host site for the 2019 lecture with Debbie Reese?  Applications close May 15th). During her talk, which will be published in Children and Libraries, Nye said that she encourages everyone to read obituaries, and shared a little about how many amazing people she has discovered through them. “We don’t have to look far for heroes; but we do have to remember how many there are.” This made me think of the amazing work each of you do every day, in your libraries.  While in Bellingham, I visited the Bellingham Public Library and was impressed at examples of what I know so many of you accomplish: maintaining library environments…

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Why is Net Neutrality so important to kids, libraries, consumers?

Per the ALA web site Network Neutrality (or net neutrality) is the concept of online non-discrimination. It is the principle that consumers/citizens should be free to get access to—or to provide—the Internet content and services they wish, and that consumer access should not be regulated based on the nature or source of that content or service. Information providers—which may be websites, online services, etc., and who may be affiliated with traditional commercial enterprises but who also may be individual citizens, libraries, schools, or nonprofit entities—should have essentially the same quality of access to distribute their offerings.” The current roiling controversy around Net Neutrality began with the new administration’s appointment of Ajit Pai as head of the FFC in April and his almost immediate call to make significant, deep changes to existing Net Neutrality regulations. Pai insisted that the internet (and access to it, should be no longer considered a public utility…

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Meet Lori Rivas, Library Advocate

I met Lori Rivas at National Library Legislative Day (NLLD) 2017 and knew instantly that I wanted to share her story with the ALSC community. Lori is a library consultant with Southern California Library Cooperative (SCLC). She received the WHCLIST Award, which recognizes non-librarians for their advocacy work and supports their participation in NLLD. I hope librarians and non-librarians alike are inspired by Lori’s tireless efforts to support libraries in her community. Lori brought her son Eli (pictured here) along to NLLD. He told her, “all these librarians are so nice! It makes me think that maybe I should be a librarian, too.” Looks like we got another one! Please give an overview of your advocacy experience. For 20 years, I home-schooled my children, depending on public library resources and programming. In 2010, our city, Santa Clarita, CA, proposed contracting with a private company for the management of our public…

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Advocacy & Legislation Co-Chairs Go To Washington – #NLLD17

Greetings ALSC community! It’s Africa and Kendra, co-chairs of the Advocacy and Legislation Committee. Two weeks ago we participated in our first National Library Legislative Day in Washington, D.C. on behalf of the Advocacy and Legislation Committee. In addition to meeting fellow committee member, Susan Kusel, and the ALSC leadership team (Aimee Strittmatter, Nina Lindsay, and Andrew Medlar), we met amazing library advocates from across the U.S. whom we’ll profile in future blog posts. Rather than write a traditional blog post about our experience, we recorded a conversation in which we recap our time in D.C. and offer takeaways from the experience. Have a listen and, if you also attended #NLLD17, share your takeaways in the comments. Thanks, ALSC! Want to learn more about National Library Legislative Day priority issues? Check out the issue briefs online. Library advocacy doesn’t stop with #NLLD17. Use these resources from Everyday Advocacy to continue advocating…

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Because Libraries

Statement, Because today's Reader is Tomrrow's leader

This week I am in DC, being a a tourist after participating in National Library Legislative Day earlier in the week. After a day of briefings and orientations Monday, five-hundred librarians took to Capitol Hill Tuesday to make sure that our elected officials understand how Libraries Transform, and that they have what they need to save the IMLS. Many colleagues worked in teams by state to meet with representatives; I joined Andrew Medlar, Aimee Strittmatter, Angela Hubbard, and other Division Presidents and staff to meet with staff from the House Education & Workforce Committee, the Senate HELP Committee, and Appropriations Committee staff.  We even met with Agriculture Committee staff, to talk and strategize about free lunch at the library.

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Advocacy Interview with Sara Moran, Free Library of Philadelphia

When Siobhan Reardon became President and Director of the Free Library of Philadelphia in 2008, she asked Sara Moran, her Chief of Staff then and Vice-President of Strategic Initiatives now, to manage government affairs and launch a legislative advocacy campaign. Sara Moran took on the challenge and still maintains her advocacy relationships, and I have been continuously impressed with her expertise, ability, and positive attitude. Some activities are ongoing, some annual, and some just when the time is right! Recently, I asked Sara about this initiative and her experiences. Can you give us an overview of your advocacy work? We approach local and state advocacy work with the overarching idea to make it as easy as possible for legislators and politicians to participate and stay involved. We regularly visit legislators in session and we are in frequent contact with local offices. We send them information and photos that legislators can…