Children's Literature (all forms)

Read Together, Aloud and Often

By Ann Crewdson   It’s hard to believe fall is here again and it’s the perfect time to pick up a book and read before the first winter frost! Patrons will start curling up with a book next to the library’s fake fireplace with their little ones by their side.  The library is always the place where there are plenty of great titles to choose from and our fondest wish is for our patrons to read together, aloud and often with their children.  And don’t forget to suggest that they point out words when they read, put on a play with puppets,  and sing the ABC.  Here are some tried and true companion books you can recommend without going wrong.     Books for Babies (birth to 12 months):   Begin Smart: What Does Baby Say? One of seven books in a series aimed at twelve to eighteen month old babies.  Baby eats cookies, drinks juice, pretends to bark, to…

Children's Literature (all forms)

The Ties that Bind–Sharing a Chinese Language Picture Book with Mom

Ai chi qing cai de e yu / wen, tu Tang Mouniu. When I say I shared a book with a mom, most people don’t give it another thought because after all I’m a children’s librarian and I often share books with moms who come to my story time.  It’s the last thing on their minds that the mom would be my mom because after all, aren’t picture books for children? I was flipping through the books on my new cart at the library and saw a beautiful picture book with bountiful green vegetables in chinese entitled “Ai Chi Quing Cai De E Yu” by Mouniu Tang–which translates to “The Alligator Who Loved to Eat Vegetables.”  Practically an ABC (American Born Chinese), I had long forgotten the language but understood it in the simplest sense when spoken. What really caught my eye was the silver medal on the front cover which indicated it won an award of…

Children's Literature (all forms)

Spring into an Early Literacy Booklist!

Spring into the meadows, find a clearing with a little running brook and read to your children.  A fresh early literacy booklist of picture books for your little one’s eyes abounds.  Books are blooming everywhere you look, each one addressing an early literacy skill.  Hopefully you’ll find it just as delightful to peruse this list as it was for me to create it:  The Core Skills List- Vocabulary:  Knowing the names of things. First Picture Nature by Jo Litchfield.  (Usborne Books, 2007). A picture dictionary of nature in spring, bugs and slugs, flowers, birds, seasons and weather.  Helpful thumbnail pictures introduce the concepts of metamorphosis, germination, and the lifecycle of a frog in easy-to-understand sequences.   A Piece of Chalk by Jennifer Ericsson. Illustrated by Michelle Shapiro. (Roaring Book Press, 2007). A little girl with a box of chalk learns primary colors and the colors of the rainbow while discovering the art of drawing…


Under the Flagship of GISK-We Explored for ALSC

        The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew, The furrow followed free ; We were the first that ever burst Into that silent sea. –The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Samuel Coleridge) What a year it’s been for the Great Interactive Software for Kids Committee.  The Samuel Coleridge poem above calls to mind the pioneering spirit of the committee members who served along with me 2007 to 2008.  Kirsten Freeman-Benson, Anna Healy, Angelique Kopa, Jane Ritter and Becky White could all be called brave mariners for the trials and tribulations we went through to get our committee work done.  There were so many firsts this year I can hardly name them all.  We got a brand new beautiful logo.  We wrote articles and campaigned to be known to the outside world.  Thanks to the ALSC Board’s motion to approve last year, we had a ticket to sail,…

Digital World

Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education and Museums Conference on March 8th

FYI- Here’s some news from Second Life.  This might be of interest to you! Virtual Worlds: Libraries, Education and Museums Conference Join us in Second Life on March 8 for a conference on virtual worlds and libraries, education and museums!  The purpose of this conference is to provide a gathering place for librarians, information professionals, educators, museologists, and others to learn about and discuss the educational, informational, and cultural opportunities of virtual worlds. The conference will be held at the lovely New Media Consortium Conference Center.  There will be a variety of presentations to attend including keynote programs by Kitty Pope, Executive Director of the Alliance Library System, Barbara Galik, Director of the Cullom-Davis Library at Bradley University, Doug McDavid from IBM, and Christy Confetti Higgins from Sun. For more information on and to register for the conference, visit the conference website at The conference is organized by Alliance Library System,…

Digital World

Second Life Virtual Worlds for Kids, Tweens and Teens: Welcome to Whyville and Whybrary

Friday, January 25, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, 10:00 Central, 9:00 Mountain, 8:00 Pacific, and 5:00 p.m. GMT/UTC/Zulu: Friday, January 25, 2008 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, 2:00 Central, 1:00 Mountain, noon Pacific, and 8:00 p.m. GMT/UTC/Zulu: lds for Kids, Tweens, and Teens: Whyville According to a recent New York Times article, 2008 will be the year of virtual worlds for kids, with rapid population growth and many ventures. Libraries and other educational and cultural organizations are exploring these virtual worlds for kids, too. This hour long seminar will feature speakers Tom Peters of TAP Information Services providing an overview of the growth of virtual worlds for kids, Cliff Zintgraff of Whyville providing an introduction and tour of Whyville, and Kelly Czarnecki of the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County talking about why it is important for librarians and educators to be in virtual worlds such as Whyville….

Digital World

Second Life Elven Institute Workshop for K-12 Educators on Building Sat. 2/2 8 to 10 am PST

Ever wonder how to build your own objects or modify those you have? Join the ELVEN Institute as we look at the basics of building. This workshop will show how to create a simple object, modify it, take it back into your inventory, and then make more copies of it in the world.  As a concrete focus, we will each build a couch, which will be a single prim: a tinted, translucent, textured, profile-cut torus. The text chat based instruction will be supplemented by a series of in-world dynamic exhibits that show the user interface methods required to perform each step of couch building.  The intention will be for people to observe the simulations, and then duplicate the steps using their own user interface.   These simulations will provide us with a shared perception that will be the basis for questions and comments. All ELVEN workshops offer personal guidance in a…

News of Interest

Being Creative with Bubble Wrap!

Are you one of those children’s librarians that’s always looking for something new to add to your story times–a new fingerplay, a twist on old fairy tales or an activity? As children’s librarians, we’re always looking for innovation in the most unlikely of places and transforming ordinary household materials into works of art.  I ran across this article in The Seattle Times about bubble wrap.  How many of us have used bubble wrap to create art projects?–It could look like corn for a thanksgiving story time or be used as a new art tool for orange tempura paint.  These 11-year olds were challenged to use bubble wrap, creating good for the world.  I think we can relate!