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Graphic Novels for Early Readers

As a librarian, a true joy in my life is sharing titles and formats that excite and interest me.  One of my favorites to share:  Graphic Novels for Early Readers.  Publishers have been providing a great number of titles beginning in 2020-2021. While this is not a new format, it is one that continually impresses me.

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Unveiling the Science of Reading: Empowering ESL Students through Wordless Books

Over the next few months, the Early and Family Literacy Committee will write about one of the ECRR early literacy practices and discuss the science of reading research that supports the development of that practice and the skills it engenders. Today’s practice is reading! Since the topic is so broad, we are focusing on how wordless books support ESL students. We also include a reminder that many of the strategies that work for ESL students also support young children acquiring foundational language skills along with some tips on how you can use them in library programming.

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Naming Source Languages and Translators Serves Young Readers

Not long ago, I asked a group of grade six English learners to do a “source language scavenger hunt,” finding middle grade and YA novels in the school library and recording the language in which each was written. I also had them note the author’s name and, if applicable, the translator’s. This “hunt” had several goals:

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Sneaky Advocacy and Award Winning Titles

In the last post from the  AASL/ALSC/YALSA Interdivisional Committee on School/Public Library Cooperation, titled Youth Books with an International Flair, the discussion was about non-ALA youth book awards. Considering the diversity of the winning titles and creators of the youth media award winners this year and the current hostilities towards diverse books for young readers, perhaps we might put on our advocacy hats and look to engaging the adults in our communities.

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Youth Book Awards with an International Flair

Spring is in the air and with it, perhaps one is looking for other award winners to purchase and promote in your libraries. Information in this blog post focuses on international books to help advance efforts to engage students; perhaps especially those who are recent immigrants to the United States

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What a BIG Day! The 2024 ALA Youth Media Awards

There is something special about attending the ALA Youth Media Awards Ceremony in person. January 22 in Baltimore, Maryland, was indeed a BIG day for those of us who love children’s literature! I have been attending the ceremony for approximately 15 years, and it never gets old for me. There are always the surprises (“Who knew that one would win?!”) and the affirmations (“I knew it! This one had gotten so much buzz!”). I love both but especially the surprises, which make me go back and give the award-winning books a second chance (or a first chance) and reread carefully to see what I missed.