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Dinovember Fest!: Dinosaur Programs for Children

While Summer Reading is certainly on the forefront of every children’s librarian’s mind right now, Fall is also just around the corner and we should start to think about how to make Fall just as special as Summer. One idea that I am working on is a Dinovember Fest! Throughout the month of November, I will put on dinosaur programs for children of all ages. Here are some programs I will be hosting this Fall!

Dinosaur Storytime and Egg Hunt

When it comes to big programs, such as Dinovember Fest, I always try to make sure that there is a special program just for my youngest patrons. For storytime, I usually include a craft, but for this special program, we will have a Dinosaur Egg Hunt! I will place different colored eggs around the children’s department and fill each egg with a dinosaur figurine. This is a great chance to spice up my storytime programming, as well as let the aged 0-5 crowd roam around the department. 

Dinosaur Fossil Craft

When it comes to dinosaur programs for children, this is a classic craft/STEM activity for libraries. I plan on opening this up to children of all ages and their parents/caregivers. Department staff will prep salt dough beforehand and let the children create their own fossils with dinosaur and fossil figurines

Dinosaur Sensory Dig

Who doesn’t love a sensory playtime? For younger children and those with Autism and sensory-processing disorders, a Dinosaur Sensory Dig would be the perfect activity for aspiring paleontologists. For this program, I will put together different sensory bins that include dinosaur figurines, as well as other sensory items (i.e. pompoms, rice, sand, etc.). This will be a great opportunity for children to learn through play.

Do you have any dinosaur program ideas? Share them in the comments below!

This blog post addresses ALSC Core Competency III. Programming Skills.

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