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Understanding Trauma in Underserved Children and Their Caregivers: The Vital Role of Librarians

Trauma is an all-too-common experience for many children and their caregivers, particularly those in underserved communities. The effects of trauma can be profound and long-lasting, influencing every aspect of a child’s development and a caregiver’s ability to provide support. Libraries, as we know, have a unique role to play in recognizing and addressing trauma. By developing specialized programs and resources, librarians can provide support to those in need. Also, those who support the supporters. The ALSC Library Services to Underserved Children and Their Caregivers Committee is currently constructing a toolkit designed to help librarians and library workers understand and address trauma, allowing families healing and growth. What is trauma? According to Merriam-Webster, Trauma is 1 a: an injury (such as a wound) to living tissue caused by an extrinsic agent b: a disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from severe mental or emotional stress or physical injury c: an emotional…

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A Space Adventure!: Space-Themed Activities for Children

Because this summer’s theme is Adventure, I wanted to create an adventure based on what the children in my community love to learn about: space! Space is a great base for a children’s program, as there are so many resources and activities that can be utilized. We will be hosting a Space Adventure at the library, complete with crafts, play, and fun-filled displays. Here are some of the space-themed activities we will have for children this summer.

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Digital Storytelling and Content Creation with Children

Stories are powerful expressions and conveyors of culture that build empathy, understanding, and help children explore their places in the world. How do we support children to become responsible creators of digital stories? This was the subject of a We Are ALSC Chat on May 20, 2024. Members of the ALSC Children and Technology Committee and other ALSC members met for an hour online to dig into strategies library staff in schools and public libraries can use to ensure we are helping kids grow in the area of digital storytelling. By incorporating digital content creation into the curriculum, we are seizing an opportunity to teach our students how to create responsibly, and act as ethical digital citizens. One way we can accomplish this is through modeling. Teaching kids to protect their own copyrights can help them begin to understand the rights of others. Student work is theirs and though many…

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Girl Power! Volunteer Opportunities for Your Local Girl Scouts

At the beginning of this school year, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that our local Girl Scouts wanted to volunteer at our library! Ranging from age 8 to 12, these Girl Scouts were enthusiastic to serve their community by volunteering in the children’s department. I have greatly enjoyed working with this group, as they have showed excitement and pride in the work they have accomplished. Here are some volunteer opportunities that you can provide Girl Scouts and other child volunteers.

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Toddler Games: Motor Skills + Fun for Ages 18-36 Months

Library program room set up for Toddler Games with bean bags, blocks, crawling tunnels, and balancing stones

Do you want to engage toddlers, practice motor skills, and capitalize on the enthusiasm of the summer Olympic Games? We did! With increasing toddler attendance at our early learning programs, we wanted to add programs specific to the target age of 18 to 36 months. Practicing gross motor skills and free play was a great start, and the beginning of Toddler Games. Read on for more details.

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The Partnership Parade: Teaming up for Sustainable Summer Library Services

As the final school bells of the year begin to ring, a collective sigh slinks its way through the ranks of youth library workers everywhere. Some are in relief: we’ve planned it all and we’re ready to go. Some are riddled with stress: did we do enough? Are we really ready to take on our role as informal educators for the next three months? The start of Summer Reading, Summer with the Library, Summer Learning, and every other name umbrellaed by conjoining the wide-ranging ideas of ‘reading’ ‘learning’ and ‘libraries’ is upon us, and though we might be ready for all that summer brings, are the families in our communities also prepared on the same page? For many families, the start of summer brings to fruition feelings of joy, rest, warmth, and exploration, but for many others it also brings to the forefront unique insecurities and unsureness. Children who were…

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Singing, the Science of Reading and Cultural Connections: A Conversation with Musicians/Educators Alina Celeste and Mi Amigo Hamlet

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with award-winning, internationally-touring family musicians and teaching artists Alina Celeste and Mi Amigo Hamlet for a variety of bilingual music-based library programs focused on supporting early literacy skills and exploring a joyous blend of traditional and original songs and new interpretations of folktales in English and Spanish. Our conversation in this blog post discusses the intersections of singing, the science of reading, and the cultural connections that come from sharing songs and stories.