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ALSC Budget Committee: Payday for Your Library

The ALSC Budget Committee has created a series of infographics about money and ALSC, designed to give our members a little more insight into our finances. The first one looked at our division’s revenues and expenses (check it out here). The second one offered guidance on funding available through ALSC and ALA for membership, conference attendance and more (take a look here).

Welcome to round three! Ever wondered what ALA can offer not just you but your library? Several divisions of ALA, including ALSC, provide grants for materials, programming and more. Check out our infographic for ideas on how to secure some support for your youth-focused library.

If you have any budget or finance questions, pop them in the comments or join us at a Budget Committee meeting!

Today’s bloggers are Christopher Brown and Robbin Friedman of the ALSC Budget Committee.

Christopher Brown is the Curator of the Children’s Literature Research Collection at the Free Library of Philadelphia.  For more information about the Children’s Literature Research Collection, please visit us at

Robbin Friedman is the head of children’s services at the Chappaqua Library in New York. She is the chair of the ALSC Budget Committee.

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