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An ALSC Budget Story: Receiving the Bechtel Fellowship, as Told by ALSC Member Joe Prince

Happy winter, everyone! Children’s library workers kick off each winter season with the excitement of the YMA Press Conference at LibLearnX, the rush of getting the awards seals on the newly announced winning books, and the recently appointed book award committees starting a new cycle of work. Yet, whereas the YMA Press Conference and ALSC book awards activities tend to get so much of our attention, ALSC buzzes yearlong with its work in support of numerous funded programs and activities to further and strengthen the work of children’s librarians, children’s librarianship, and the practice of the profession. One such program is the Louise Seaman Bechtel Fellowship. This fellowship provides a grant of up to $7,500 for a qualified children’s librarian to spend up to 4 weeks reading and studying at the Baldwin Library of Historical Children’s Literature, one of the Special and Area Studies Collections of the George A. Smathers…

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Share Your Story with the Budget Committee!

Hello ALSC Members!  In years past, the ALSC Budget Committee has written articles calling attention to frequently misunderstood concepts regarding ALSC’s Budget, discussed ALSC’s many endowments, and highlighted general misconceptions around this quiet, but vital committee.  The committee has also worked to create infographics to help demystify how ALSC allocates its funds – and how you (or your library) can take advantage of ALSC’s and ALA’s grants and awards.   This year, we’re going to take a different approach, and we need your help!  Have you benefited from an ALSC-related program like the ALSC Equity Fellowship program or the Friends of ALSC Institute Scholarship?  Have you served on a committee that requested funding to complete a project?  Perhaps you’ve met a friend or a professional contact at an ALSC-Related sponsored Happy Hour.  If so, we want to hear from you and hear how ALSC has influenced your professional journey.  Please contact…

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ALSC Budget Committee: Payday for Your Library

The ALSC Budget Committee has created a series of infographics about money and ALSC, designed to give our members a little more insight into our finances. The first one looked at our division’s revenues and expenses (check it out here). The second one offered guidance on funding available through ALSC and ALA for membership, conference attendance and more (take a look here).

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Why you should consider volunteering for the ALSC Budget Committee

For me, and maybe for some of this blog’s readers, this time of year is professional association membership renewal season!  It’s also a great time of year to be completing my professional association volunteer forms.  For ALSC, you can find that form here: