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Redefining Reading Goals in 2021 #readbetter #readmore

I’ve found in recent years my reading goals have been pretty standard: read all the books on [INSERT NAME HERE] national, state award list. A coworker posed an interesting question: what books are we missing that aren’t necessary said award contenders? Which leads me to my new 2021 objective: how can we redefine our reading goals in 2021?

  1. Read the Kid Recommendations– What book does a kid want you to read? Next time you talk to a kid- (yes it’s harder in a pandemic) ask them to assign YOU what to read next!
  2. Finish those Series– I recently told my book club how rarely I read the second book in a series and how it’s even rarer for me to read an entire series. One of my attendees said, “but Ms. Emily, you’re supposed to be the person I talk books with, and I can’t even talk about the second Artemis Fowl with you?!” So OK… I need to read the second Artemis Fowl, the second Aru Shah and more of the 39 Clues.
  3. Read the Readers Advisory– The most common readers advisory question I get is “my kid wants to start reading chapter books, where should they go?” I know what to recommend- Owl Diaries, Bunjitsu Bunny, King and Kayla, but how many of those titles have I actually read? The lucky part of this is they are not even too long.
  4. Read your Population– We are doing our best to fill our shelves with diverse titles and titles that reflect our population, but am I reading those titles? This is another reading goal I can amp up a notch.
  5. Read the Board Books– Now that I’m a mom, I’ve found myself appreciating board books in a whole new manner, and asking for board books in a whole new manner. There is such a wide variety of developmental levels reading board books and different needs for example: newborns wanting high contrast books, infants hoping for sensory titles, toddlers looking to learn concepts. This is definitely a category I can do better in.

Now some of these titles will show up on the “best of lists” and “mock award titles,” (and I’ll probably end up reading a good amount of those anyways) but I know that making a focused effort in these categories will help challenge myself in a new way, and reach more of my customers.

What are your reading goals in 2021?

This post addresses core competency I: commitment to client group.

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