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What are your Reading Resolutions?

Now’s the time when many of us are thinking about the year past and the year ahead and making some goals for 2015. Your resolutions might include going to the gym, cleaning out your closets, or volunteering somewhere. But today, I want to know about your reading resolutions!

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Yes, today’s a great day to think about what goals you might set for yourself for reading in the new year. Making your goals measurable (i.e. “I will read two nonfiction books a month” instead of “I will read more nonfiction this year”) can help you finish your goals and be sure whether you completed them at the end of the year. Don’t feel like you have to set 50 resolutions – start small with something that’s important to you.

Need some ideas? Your resolutions might include:

  • Reading more diverse books. Check out the resources on the We Need Diverse Books website for ideas.
  • Reading more of a certain genre. Where do you feel weak? Which reader’s advisory questions do you dread?
  • Reading more for a certain age group. Are you up on tween books, but unfamiliar with early chapter books?
  • Reading all of the ALA Youth Media Award-winners or your state book award nominees.
  • Getting out of your children’s literature comfort zone and reading some adult books.
  • Adding audiobooks to your reading routine (they’re great company on a walk or while cleaning your kitchen!).
  • Reading more professional development books.

Myself, I am finishing up my Newbery year in February, so I am resolving to be easy on myself about setting reading goals in 2015. 😉 But I would love to hear about YOUR goals!

What are your reading resolutions this year?

— Abby Johnson, Children’s Services Manager
New Albany-Floyd County Public Library
New Albany, IN


  1. Angela

    I am also going to not set a specific goal since I’m just finishing committee work. However, I am going to make an effort to read books that have received several starred reviews.

    1. Abby Johnson

      I love this goal! I must say that while I am exhausted, it’s been really nice this year being on top of everything (American) that’s come out. I am hoping to continue that in 2015 (not to the same extent), but I just don’t know how I’m going to feel after ALA!

  2. Adrienne

    EXACTLY, Abby, about the plan to be easy on myself about my 2015 reading goals. Mine is going to basically be, Read a lot of whatever I want. I have a whole list.

    1. Abby Johnson

      I have so many adult and teen books on my list!!

  3. Ally Goodwin

    Last year was the first year i set a goal to read 52 books. I used Goodreads to track them (excluding picture books) and discovered I read 112 in 2014. So this year i want to be more intentional about my reading. For every 2 books that are my favorite authors/series; i will select 1 from my list on goodreads which is growing longer by the day.

    1. Abby Johnson

      I’ve found that to be true, too: just by setting a goal and keeping track of it, I’m often able to exceed it. Good luck with your GR list!

  4. Angela Dubinger

    Great points, Abby! I love audiobooks, and I find that format consumption for me depends on availability at my library and if I’m traveling or exercising solo. I have no commute right now, AND I have exercising buddies, so it takes me FOREVER to get through an audiobook. But I love them so. I’m hoping to listen to a few more this year than usual. I’m enjoying Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle audiobooks.

    After 10 years of adult fiction collection development, I still want to read ALL the adult fiction, but as a children’s librarian, I really need to dig in to early chapter and middle grade books more. And nonfiction! Picture books are always in my rotation because their length and frequent lunch consumption. So just rounding out my reading as much as my usual focus on diversifying the library collection. That would be good for the kiddos.

    1. Abby Johnson

      Yes, it can definitely be hard to fit in audiobooks when you don’t have a commute! Lately, I have snuck in some audiobook time while cleaning and I’ve been giving my eyes a little rest and listening for 15-30 minutes before bed. This definitely works better with shorter audiobooks, though. 😉

  5. Kayla Kuni

    My non-reading goal is to either start using Goodreads or be more consistent in posting reviews on Amazon. My reading goal is to read more fantasy books. My personal interest in that genre is not there, but the kids that come to my library are really into it. If I don’t know more about the books by reading them, I am not going to be able to offer any good recommendations.

    1. Abby Johnson

      Those are great goals! I have used Goodreads for some time now and I find it really helpful to jot down my thoughts right after I finish a book. If I don’t write something down, I usually don’t remember too much about the book, which is not super helpful for reader’s advisory!

  6. Kristen Bodine

    This inspired me to write my own 2015 reading goals, a little bit late:

    They all kind of boil down to making sure I’m really enjoying what I’m reading and taking it a little bit easy on myself this year.

    1. Abby Johnson

      Those are all great goals, Kristen! I read the posts about NOT doing the GR challenge and I can definitely see where it’s coming from. In 2013, one of my reading goals was actually to READ LESS and enjoy life a little more. It’s definitely not worth stressing yourself out over (which I was also doing!). And I love your goal to reread some old favorites. Serving on Newbery this year, which requires lots of rereading has helped me realize how much rereading can deepen my understanding and appreciation of a book. I reread my favorites over and over as a kid – rereading is definitely something I want to do more of this year, too. Thanks for sharing your goals!

  7. Emma Howard

    I love reading goals! I surpassed my GoodReads goal of 150 last year by reading 203. A number of those were picture books as I work in the children’s department. I rarely read non-fiction, and managed to read a handful of those. Most of my list consisted of YA fantasy, supernatural, etc. as that is my true love. This year I have set a GR goal of 160 books, which I hope I surpass to such a level again! I have a couple more non-fiction lined up, and will definitely be adding professional development readings to my list as I hope to be starting grad school this fall for Youth Services.

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