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Nuts and Bolts: How to Join a Process Committee

Newbery. Caldecott. Coretta Scott King. The Siebert. Notables.

Many of us dream of serving on an Award or Notable committee during our service to ALSC. But if promoting yourself and being on a ballot has you reaching for a paper bag, relax, there are other options. Have you ever considered volunteering for a process committee? It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

What Does a Process Committees Do?

ALSC breaks committees into 7 priority groups (PG), but we’re going to focus on the 5 Process Committees.

Step 1: Pick themes that sound like a good match for your interests.

  • Child Advocacy (PG 1)
  • Professional Awards and Scholarships (PG 3)
  • Organizational Support (PG 4)
  • Partnerships (PG 6)
  • Professional Development (PG 7)

Step 2: Take a closer look at the committees in each priority group. For example, the amazing Public Awareness Committee falls under PG 1.

Then look at their ALA Connect Page. The fastest way to a committee page is to search for the committee name in the Community Navigator. Still not sure? Email the chair(s) with any questions.

Drop-In on a Meeting

Women talking at a table.

Headed to ALA annual conference? This is a great opportunity to drop by the All Committee Meeting. Walk around, introduce yourself, sit down and learn what each group is working on.

How Do I Volunteer?

Did you know that ALSC has nearly 60 committees, task forces, and discussion groups? That’s a lot of positions the Incoming President needs to fill each year. Now is the perfect time to apply for a Process Committee, appointments will start soon.

Step 3: Submit your interest through the online volunteer form. You’ll be prompted to log in with your ALA login and password.

What committees look interesting to you?

Core Competency: VII.9

Writing this post for the Public Awareness Committee is Angela Nolet. She is an Online Library Services Librarian at King County Library System. Reach her at


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