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Assistive Technologies: Equity And Inclusion For All

For years, those with disabilities have struggled to have access to information, resources, assignments, or materials due to accessibility or instructional problems. With improvements in technologies over the past ten years, however, the landscape is a hopeful one, and filled with opportunities for libraries to seize. Going forward we need to begin working on changing mindsets to make things even more accessible for the youth we serve. How can we harness these technologies as we work towards fulfilling our core competency of eliminating barriers?

Blogger Public Awareness Committee

Thanksgiving Under the Microscope

Now that Thanksgiving has passed and the holiday books begin to make their way back to your shelves, it’s the perfect time to train your critical eye upon this sometimes-controversial, and frequently inaccurate and inauthentic, array of titles. As librarians and purveyors of information, we have a duty to provide resources that reflect truth and diversity. Many of our books often share the “First Thanksgiving” narrative that shows happy Pilgrims and American Indians* sharing a meal blissfully side by side. Or, this narrative shows up as a classic school play where children dress up.

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Library Services to Immigrant and Refugee Families & ALSC Library Service to Special Populations Toolkit

If you’re wondering where you can find resources for immigrant and refugee families or other special populations in your community, ALSC is here to help! In 2015, the ALSC Committee for Library Service to Special Population Children and Their Caregivers created this incredible toolkit that includes many helpful links and book lists. Last month, ALSC held a forum for members on this very topic. If you missed it, members can access the archived forum here. You may want to mark your calendar now for an upcoming FREE webinar on April 9, 2019 Early Childhood Expertise Beyond Libraryland: Serving Refugee and Immigrant Families. The webinar will address the following learning outcomes: Learn about the experiences of families who leave behind their home countries. Gain understanding of the impact of separation and trauma. Discover innovative ways to address the needs of families experiencing separation and relocation. Consider the potential barriers to service at their libraries….

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Children’s Librarians are Experts with the Data to Back It Up!

Do you ever try to explain your job to a friend, family member, or member of your community that isn’t a “library person”? Sure, you can simply say you work with children in libraries, but what if they ask more? If you’re like me, you start in on a long winded spiel about early literacy, collection development, and programming and begin to notice their eyes glaze over.

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Children’s Librarians are Experts at Teaching Each Other: Takeaways and Photos from the 2018 ALSC Institute in Cincinnati

This is the first time I have attended an ALSC Institute and I found it to be an exciting weekend filled with some of the best professional training sessions I have ever had the opportunity to take part in. I also got the chance to meet a few of the other members of the Public Awareness Committee face to face for the first time.

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2, 4, 6, 8! In ALSC We Love to Advocate!

Are you interested in learning more about how you can build support for your library? Do you also happen to be heading to Cincinnati this week for the 2018 ALSC Institute? If so, have we got a program for you! The ALSC Public Awareness Committee and the Advocacy and Legislation Committee are excited to share their session titled “Demystifying Advocacy: Building Support for Your Library.” During the hour and a half, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look into the history of the “Championing Children’s Services Toolkit” – an advocacy resource currently being developed by the Public Awareness Committee to showcase the value of all library staff who work with youth. We’ll talk about a top-secret and super exciting part of our toolkit (spoiler alert, it involves a video that we hope to film at ALA Midwinter!) and then the Advocacy and Legislation Committee will walk you through a fun, hands-on…

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Multicultural Musings: The Virginia Hamilton Conference

I’ve recently taken a deep dive into my family genealogy.  Besides a lot of research into old historical documents, I took a DNA test and discovered that I’m as Italian as I thought I was—a fact about which I am extremely happy, long being proud of the heritage and birthplace of all four of my grandparents.  I also discovered a trace amount of Iberian and Senegalese DNA.  Could Moorish Spain be in my past?  I just love the idea that I am connected to yet another part of history.  I’m now itching to read up on the subject.   Thinking about culture always leads me into thoughts on diversity.  I am a white librarian working in a community that is overwhelmingly African-American.  I grew up loving books and I want the children I work with to feel the same.  I think it’s the responsibility of all children’s librarians to read…