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Calling All Gamers!

We’ve all seen it before: kids gathered around a computer, playing the latest version of Minecraft or Tanki, squabbling for space as they swap tips and best practices (though they might not call them that). Or maybe you’ve seen a motley crew of kids come running down your stairs after your weekly chess program, excitedly chattering about this move or that move. No matter how you slice it, games have a place in libraries. The format they may take changes from month to month, library to library, but the fact remains the same: Libraries are a great place to game and learn.

Blogger Public Awareness Committee

Coretta Scott King Book Awards Celebrate 50 Years Strong! #CSK50

Join me in celebrating our 50th Year of the Coretta Scott King Book Awards! Awarded annually, the Coretta Scott King Book Awards recognize outstanding books for children and young adults by African American authors and illustrators which reflect the Black experience. The first Coretta Scott King Award was presented in 1970, two years after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King. The award was designed to commemorate his life and works, and to honor Mrs. Coretta Scott King for her courage and determination to continue the work for peace.

Blogger Public Awareness Committee

Calling All Artists!

  The ALSC Public Awareness Committee is seeking art submissions from members and non-members alike to support the Championing Children’s Services Toolkit. This advocacy toolkit will go live just in time for ALA Annual and will be a resource for children’s librarians, youth staff, and library advocates like board of trustees and friends of the library groups. The goal of the toolkit is to help communicate to elected officials and other library stakeholders about the crucial work being done in library children’s departments that supports kids and family success.

ALA Midwinter 2019

Seattle: Outside of the Convention Center

Welcome to Seattle!  While there are tons of activities and sights that would jump to the top of the list in summer, January can be soggy.  So here are some fun indoor pursuits while you’re in town for Midwinter.   If you are a Marvel fan, the new exhibit at MoPop (formerly the EMP or Experience Music Project) may catch your eye: There are a number of other exhibits there as well, including a Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame.   While you may have already visited the Seattle Art Museum on a past trip, a lesser-known gem that’s also within reach of the convention center is the Frye Art Museum.   One of the most-talked about new sights in downtown Seattle is the Amazon Spheres.  It’s a hot ticket to get in to one of the public tours, available 30 days in advance.  Check here…

Blogger Public Awareness Committee

Children’s Librarians are experts at asking “Why not me?”

A new year is just around the corner and we all know what that means – new year’s resolutions. As I sat down to think about what my professional development new year’s resolutions would be, so many different ideas came to mind – find a new blog to follow, attend one session at midwinter that I wouldn’t normally attend, listen to a webinar from outside of the library profession. As I was listing away in crazed Leslie Knope-fashion, a question from a blog post that a mentor shared passed through my mind and gave me pause. The question was from Bernadette Jiwa’s “The Story of Telling” monthly blog update and goes as follows: “From the time my son Kieran was ten, he told everyone who asked that he wanted to be a LEGO designer when he grew up. Some people tried to temper his enthusiasm, not because they were unkind,…