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Grab Bag Bundles

wooden book display with packages of books wrapped in brown paperWe’ve had book bundles of picture books as a children’s book display and we’ve had blind date with a book as a teen book display. Now we’ve combined the two concepts into: Grab Bag Bundles.

Grab Bag Bundles are made of 3-5 picture books or non-fiction books on a theme, wrapped in brown paper, and labeled with a mysterious theme.

Themes we’ve used include:

  • Are you all ready for this? (Spring books!)
  • Why DID she cross the road? (chicken books)
  • That’s CLASSIC! (folk and fairy tales)
  • Boo! (monsters)
  • Three (books with 3 in the title)



To make the display work we:Grab Bag Bundle Label "Are you all ready for this?" 5 books. Please take this bundle to the public service desk to be checked out.

  • Select 3-5 books on a theme
  • Check them out on a staff-use card
  • Wrap them in brown paper
  • Paste on a label with the theme & the # of books written on it
  • Add to the display

Customers are asked to take the bundles to our Public Service desk to check out. Staff use the RFID scanner to check them all out (without revealing the titles to the customer) and make sure the correct number of books checked out.

We also have regular un-wrapped book bundles and movie bundles on the same display. It is a fun and easy way to get kids excited about taking home a pile of books!



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