ALA Annual 2019

Leadership in ALSC #ALAac19

You can tell the attendees of the Leadership in ALSC meeting are serious about being a part of the organization because it’s only 8:30 am, and we had to take a shuttle to go to the Hilton co-conference location– about a 20-minute ride from the conference center. The bus is packed with conference attendees like we are on a school trip! Hot take– don’t forget to take the conference bus to get around, cabs and Lyfts can get expensive.

The room is buzzing with former ALSC Presidents, current and incoming President, and perhaps a future President or two. The small group discussion allows you to get to know some members better as ALSC is a rather large organization. And then the presentation on computational thinking, digital literacy, and family connected learning added a live voting feature which made the room feel alive, as well.

It doesn’t hurt that free coffee was also provided thanks to the Friends of ALSC. Lovely way to connect more deeply with the ALSC community.

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