ALA Annual 2019

#ALAac19 – Tips to Avoid Conference Burnout

I LOVE a good conference. It’s an excellent time to reconnect with friends from the past, to learn about new products to take back home and share with others, to network, and to make yourself a better librarian. Now that we are in the middle of ALA Annual, you might find yourself feeling a little (or a lot) tired. The excitement of getting here is over. You have spent at least one full day learning, meeting people, possibly attending social events and walking the Exhibit Hall while hefting around heavy bags of books. Today, you might start to feel conference burnout and you might be tempted to hide out in your hotel room for the rest of conference. DON’T DO IT! There is still so much to enjoy. But, if you find yourself feeling less than excited for another full day – here are some tips to get you through the rest of conference.

  1. Stay hydrated. You may not even realize it, but chances are you are not drinking as much water as you should. Whether it’s the lines in the food court or you are just too busy to think of it, make sure you are staying hydrated. There are water fountains near the restrooms to fill up your bottles.
  2. Take breaks outside. Every now and then, try to go outside and sit in the sun.
  3. Say no. Feel free to say no to a social event. You do not have to go to everything.
  4. Eat! This goes with staying hydrated, but make sure you are keeping snacks with you and you are eating.
  5. Rest. If you are dozing off at sessions, go take a nap. It’s okay.

Enjoy the rest of conference, but be sure to take care of yourself too!

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  1. Entertainment Career Center: The Database - Booth #2923D in the Mobile App Pavilion

    Yes!! …and thank you for this. You nailed it exactly!! 🙂

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