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What’s on the Menu: Early Childhood Programs & Services at ALA Annual

Can you believe it’s finally happening? The ALA Annual Conference is back! Soon, thousands of people who work in and support libraries will gather in Washington, D.C. to learn, network, and celebrate what we do. There are so many topics and events to be excited about. For today’s post I’ll be sharing some of the wonderful programming in store for people who work to serve young children and their families in library spaces. If you are interested too, read on!

ALA Annual 2019

Leadership in ALSC #ALAac19

You can tell the attendees of the Leadership in ALSC meeting are serious about being a part of the organization because it’s only 8:30 am, and we had to take a shuttle to go to the Hilton co-conference location– about a 20-minute ride from the conference center. The bus is packed with conference attendees like we are on a school trip! Hot take– don’t forget to take the conference bus to get around, cabs and Lyfts can get expensive. The room is buzzing with former ALSC Presidents, current and incoming President, and perhaps a future President or two. The small group discussion allows you to get to know some members better as ALSC is a rather large organization. And then the presentation on computational thinking, digital literacy, and family connected learning added a live voting feature which made the room feel alive, as well. It doesn’t hurt that free coffee…

ALA Annual 2015

Catching Up With Committees

Every Child Ready to Read® @ your Library® Toolkit for Spanish-Speaking Communities is now available from the ALA Store (image courtesy of ALA)

Spring has finally arrived, and those of us on the Public Awareness Committee thought there’s no better time than now to see what exciting projects some of our fellow committee members have been working on! ALSC offers so many great opportunities to serve on a variety of committees, many of which fly under the radar. I think you might be surprised to learn some of the awesome ways our members are working together. Did you know that ALSC has an Oral History Committee? Deborah Cooper, Chair of the Oral History Committee, gave me the scoop on some of the interesting projects the OHC has in the works. The OHC has a long-term task of working on a large back-log of interviews with past leaders in children’s librarianship. Some of the interviews took place over 20 years ago! They have been editing the transcripts and working to get permissions to post…