ALA Annual 2019

#alaac19 Odyssey Award Ceremony

Audiobooks are near and dear to my heart, and even though there have been times when I had to leave on Monday, I always try to stay until Tuesday. And that is because I simply cannot miss the Odyssey Award Ceremony! This year’s ceremony was wonderful, brimming over with excitement and awe. We were treated to readings by some of the most talented narrators in the business—Rebecca Soler, Dan Bittman, Gabra Zackman, Brian Amador, Cherise Booth, and Elizabeth Acevedo (who narrated her own book!). The books that were honored today range from darling picture books to gritty teen fiction, written by authors Courtney Summers, Carson Ellis, Susan Wood, and Varian Johnson.

There is something really powerful about experiencing a live reading. You watch as a shade comes down, and the narrator takes on a new persona—a troubled teen, a curious tween, a magical storyteller. They are enchanting and inspiring, and you never want them to stop. The Odyssey Award Ceremony is just so great!

This was a wonderful way for me to wrap up this fantastic Annual Conference. Now, I’m just looking forward to the Youth Media Awards at Midwinter, because then the cycle can start all over again. Until then, Happy Listening and Happy ALSC-ing to you all!

Odyssey by the numbers
This committee did a lot of listening. Great job!

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