ALA Annual 2019

C-c-changes coming for ALA Council #alaac19

If you haven’t heard yet, ALA Council has been looking at ways to reorganize and reimagine how Council works and really, how the greater organization of ALA works. Last year, a Steering Committee on Organizational Effectiveness (SCOE) formed a 19 member team alongside Tecker International consulting firm, to complete a comprehensive look at what ALA in review form and also thinking about what we want ALA to look like now and in the future.

This restructuring is pretty huge and will very much change how big decisions are made in ALA. There were lots of focus group meeting this past conference to discuss what members want from ALA. We know that there are many challenges, roadblocks, and burdens (financial and otherwise) that hinder participation in ALA and at conferences, and while the plans and designs of SCOE are still in the formulation phase, it feels exciting to re-imagine an ALA that may be easier to be involved with, and more inclusive for all.

I encourage all of you to check out PLA’s webpage with more information on this project and look for upcoming information on the ALA page. From that webpage, they ask for community input in a survey: “you may also share your thoughts on ALA’s governance and membership structures by filling out the SCOE Virtual Session Feedback survey. It will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.” Find out more information, and think about the barriers that may prohibit your participation and or the participation and inclusion of library staff at your branches, locations, and communities.


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