ALA Annual 2019

ALSC Leadership Development at #alaac19

If you couldn’t be at #alaac19, you might have missed out on the opportunity to network and meet with members face to face. If you have that privilege, it is a rewarding experience to connect with people you’ve only met over your favorite videoconferencing software, to network with new people who are waiting in line for coffee with you. However, you are not limited to in-person interactions.

For this post, I want to address the third objective of ALSC’s 2017-2020 strategic plan—this topic has come up in discussion in meetings, in workshops and on the exhibit floor. Learning & Development, especially for folks not at Annual. At the ALSC and Leadership meeting on Saturday, Andrew Medlar, the 2018-2019 chair of the Nominating & Leadership Development Committee referenced this integral part of ALSC’s strategic plan. ALSC is developing stronger pathways to develop leaders in the organization at all levels. After cracking some jokes, he said, in a more serious tone, “Only through a mix of all ALSC members will ALSC leadership be able to make best choices that affect all children and all families.” He didn’t miss the opportunity to pun, noting the “AL” in ASLC.

ALSC also has so many great education opportunities, many that are digital. I myself have utilized ALSC online classes and archived webinars (webinars are free to ALSC members). Earlier today, I attended the ALSC membership meeting where many awards, including the ALSC Distinguished Service Award, were presented. Before the awards, 2018-2019 ALSC President, Jamie Naidoo mentioned new resources from ALSC process committees, including the Building Partnerships Toolkit and a new, forthcoming Advocacy Toolkit from the Public Awareness Committee. Naidoo also mentioned many upcoming ways members can develop as experts and leaders in ALSC. Below are quick links to virtual resources and opportunities through ALSC:

As Maria B. Salvadore, this year’s winner of the Distinguished Service Award said, “ALSC remains the ideal forum for resource sharing and networking.” It’s never too late to get (more) involved with ALSC, climb your own professional develop ladder and become a leader for all of us in ALSC and in the profession.

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