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Volunteer for an ALSC Committee in January!

Learn more about how to volunteer for ALSC Committees

January is a great time to submit your committee volunteer form

In February, as your Vice-President/President-Elect, I will start working on appointments to the “process committees”: not the media evaluation (Priority Group II) or award (Priority Group V) committee , but more or less everything else. So January is a great month to submit your online committee volunteer form, which I introduced last month.  

Tell Me More!

Please share details in your open-ended questions about skills, experience and knowledge you will bring to your committee work, and your specific interests in serving, especially if you have preferences among the the committees you’ve checked off.  Also take a moment to complete your profile in ALA Connect.  It is a helpful place to share work and education history.

Reapplying, and the process

Appointments take some time to fill and replacement slots do open year round due to resignations or other conflicts.  We encourage you to resubmit your form after 6 months, or if your interests or information has changed. Just head over to for an outline of the process and answers to common questions.   

Checking out Committee Work

If you will be at Midwinter, many committees meet at the All Committee Meeting and welcome visitors, though it’s wise to contact the chair to confirm meeting time if you have a particular committee in mind.  You can also check out committee work virtually by browsing What Does that ALSC Committee do, and reviewing charges and posts made directly on the committee pages. Many committees contribute regular blog posts; just scroll through the Categories list for Bloggers.  

Getting Involved

Speaking of which…there are many ways to contribute to ALSC, including writing for the ALSC Blog or being an ALSC mentee or mentor. Just check out our Get Involved page.  In my virtual office hour chats with many of you I’ve been impressed at how much you are offering to give to the profession in your off hours.  It’s a great to start the new year knowing a community of colleagues is available at our fingertips.  Thank you.


  1. R Frazian

    I would love to be involved with ALSC but I have a financial barrier keeping me from joining. Like many folks, I have an MLIS but can only find part-time library work which means I am unable to pay membership fees right now. Is there a way to volunteer for/become involved with ALSC without paying membership fees?


    1. Nina Lindsay

      Thank you for asking that question, as I’m sure there are others in your shoes. I’m grateful to know ALSC has “members in spirit” who follow and would like to contribute, even if they cannot currently afford membership.

      The committee appointments are for current members only. If you go to, I’d point you to the Professional Development , Advocacy, and Networking sections and highlight that:

      Our lives webinars are free to all, regardless of membership, and we have an amazing lineup coming up. (Archived webinars do have a fee for non-members.) The ALSC Education Committee is also always looking for webinar presenter proposals from anyone. More info at

      We need all hands on deck as Everyday Advocates in this day and age, and some of the most meaningful contributions you can make to library services for children are at Take Action Tuesday:

      Finally, for networking, while some opportunities like the Community Forums are for members, many, such as #alscchat on Twitter, or following the blog here, are open for all.

      I hope this gives you some ideas for how to stay involved as a non-member, and I want to remind everyone that there is a “non-salaried” / “underemployed” membership category for ALA and ALSC

    2. Mary Voors

      Another way to contribute and get involved with ALSC without being a member is to contribute to the ALSC Blog. Guest bloggers need not be ALSC members, but the post should be of interest to children’s librarians and related to children’s librarianship. Read over our Guest Post Guidelines and let me know if you are interested in contributing to the ALSC Blog. Contact me at

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