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ALSC Committee Volunteer Form Now Online!

Learn more about how to volunteer for ALSC Committees

I’m thrilled to announce that ALSC’s committee volunteer form is now online.  We are transitioning to ALA’s online committee form, which, while not highly customizable, will allow you to share more thorough open-ended responses.  Just log in and use the drop down menu to select ALSC. I will start making appointments to process committees later in January (for appointments that begin following Annual Conference 2017), so now is a great time to think about volunteering.

What should I include in the form?

While you can check off the particular committees you are interested in, it is helpful for me to know why you selected them and if there are some that rise above others in your interest.  A general sense of your professional interests, experience and skills you’d like to put to use, and particular committee efforts you are most excited about, will help me to make the right matches wherever possible.

But I already submitted a form…

If you already submitted the Word document version of the ALSC Committee Volunteer Form at ALA Annual Conference 2016 or later, I do have that form; however, I strongly suggest that you re-submit the online form as it provides me with more information. In general, we recommend re-submitting your online form every six months or as needed to keep your information and interests up to date.

How exactly are ALSC Committees Appointed?

Just head to for answers to most questions about the ALSC committee volunteer and appointment process.  While most process committees are appointed in the spring and most award and evaluation committees are appointed in the fall, this is indeed a continual process as volunteer work arises year-round.  That is why you won’t hear that you were “not” appointed; all recent volunteers are continually under consideration.

Have more questions? Sign up for a Virtual Office Hour

As introduced in my blog post last month, I invite you to sign up for a 15 minute private chat with me. This month I particularly encourage you to sign up if you:

  • Have never been on an ALSC committee before
  • Think you might be ready to chair a committee

Just head to my Doodle and sign up with your name and email in the name field. I’ll confirm with you by email and have you select a platform (currently Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, or phone) for our chat. 

UPDATE, 12/19/16: I’ve posted January Office Hours as well!

Finally don’t forget that committee service is just one of many ways to Get Involved with ALSC!


  1. Mary Schreiber

    This is exciting news! Thanks Nina for making it happen.

  2. Hanna Lee

    Fantastic!! This will make volunteering so much easier!

    Is the link working for others? I’ve tried to access it a few different ways after logging in (from the link above, from the ALSC forms page), but I’m getting an error message.

    The URL that is giving me an error message (the page cannot be found…) is

  3. Dan Bostrom

    Hi Hanna,

    Sorry that you’re getting an error message. Try this link:


    1. Hanna

      Thanks Dan! Looks like everything is working smoothly now.

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  5. Emily Bayci

    This is great. Are people still able to fill out the form? When I try- it tells me to select the group I wish to volunteer for and ALSC is not one of the options. Please let me know! Thank you!

    1. Nina Lindsay

      The form appears to be working right now. It should give you options for every division or round table that uses this form AND for which your membership is currently paid in fully. As it is now January, if anyone’s membership renewal went in last minute I imagine there could potentially be a lag time before the form is available to you again.

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