- ALA Annual Conference 2022

#alaac22 ALSC Awards Presentation

What a wonderful way to start my day at the conference today! This morning I attended the 2022 ALSC Awards Presentation for the the Siebert, Batchelder, and Geisel winners. What a treat to see so many librarians, authors, illustrators, publishers, friends and families in one room honoring such beautiful books. What I loved most about this celebration was hearing such humble speeches from the winning authors and the care and craft that was taken by the committees to select them. Some of my favorite moments:

Awards & Scholarships

Sibert Committee looking for great informational books for kids

Wow! What great informational books for kids we’re seeing this year! You’ve been reading them too- what about that fabulous science book and that verse novel that actually teaches you something and the silly, silly tale about just how that tricky bit of of physics actually works? Oh, and don’t forget that one about the kid growing up a long time ago – and by the time you finished it, you knew some of the favorite songs of the era, how far the medical system had advanced – and why they called them – whatever. The Sibert Committee has been reading all these books too and would love to know which ones you want us to take a second, or third, look at. You’ll have to wait until January to hear our final decisions, but please send your ideas our way. While we won’t be breathing a word of our…

Children's Literature (all forms)

Great informational books for kids

Read any good new informational books for kids lately? The 2016 Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Award Committee is delving into this year’s eligible titles and we’d like to know what titles the ALSC membership would recommend for consideration. The Sibert Award is presented annually to the author, author/illustrator, co-authors, or author and illustrator of the most distinguished informational book published during the preceding year. Honor Books may also be named. Informational books are defined as those written and illustrated to present, organize, and interpret documentable factual material for children from birth through age fourteen. (Traditional literature and general poetry are not eligible, although poetry whose primary intent is to present factual information is.) Authors and illustrators must be U.S. citizens. For complete terms and criteria, please refer to the ALSC Robert F. Sibert Award web site. The award will be announced at the ALA Midwinter Conference to be held…